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#PremierProteinGiveaway, Like mixing the strawberry with vanilla...

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I'm just updating. Haven't been on here in a few months. I'm excited for my journey. Since 9/12/16, I've lost 20 lbs. Some days, I feel like things are going graciously show. Other days I'm proud of my change. I am now starting vitamins according to my

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I've been so busy today. Another personal goal was met. 4.05 miles on the bike. Just a little over 20 minutes. 80 calories were burned. Not much to me, but super exhilarating. I learned that 1 boil...

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I've been on such a high since this morning that I forgot to blog my progress. After feeling down about not working out yesterday, I was more determined them ever this morning. I did 2.05 miles on ...

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So today, I decided not to do any working out. I don't think I stretched well the first two days so my groin and shoulder blades are killing me. I know it's not a magical thing that happens overnig...

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Looking for a workout buddy. I'm currently 473 lbs and had my consultation already. I'm on day two of my exercising and in my mind, I kinda need to workout some other place besides my home. It's my comfort level.


Trying t

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Good morning!!!


Woke up at 7:30. Just completed upper body cardio with the chair. My quads are still sore from yesterday. I'm trying ready to ride the bike for 30 minutes. 


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I did it. Met my goal on the exercise bike. I did 1.06 miles on the recumbent bike. Hey, it might not seem like much to anyone el...

Scaredofbeingdifferent wrote I'm here!!! 6 months, 3 weeks ago

The day is here! I'm at my consultation right now. Have a billion butterflies in my stomach right now. Current Wei...

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So, I thought I'd get the ball rolling on working out before I even talk to the nutritious and surgeon. My appointment is in 2 weeks. My first appointment. I'm a self conscious about going to gym. 


I was wondering if anyone had any ti

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I'm Tamika 29 of age, 465 lbs and live in Chicago. I've tried numerous methods to lose weight. I have my first doctor appointment on 9/9/16. I'm scared, but more then that I dream of becoming better. My entire life I've been overweight and

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Hi, I'm Tamika.


New to the website. I've been thinking of weight loss surgery for a while. I'm scared of the vanity surrounding the surgery. I'm 27, unemployed and weigh close to 700 lbs. I was wondering are there any people in my cit

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