Happiness is Shopping at Non-Fat Clothing Stores!

Jul 25, 2012

I was laughing as I was writing my friends here on OH -- which is a wonderful time for me to reflect on my journey.   That's when I said to someone, "I really love shopping at Non-Fat stores," making a reference to Lame Giant... Lane Bryant, if you didn't get the jab!  Clothing is so much cheaper when you are closer to the "normal" sizes!  I bought 15 items at one store for under $75!!!  Old Navy I spent $42 for 6 tops, 4 camis, a pair of sleep pants!!!  My new Brenda-ism since the last Brenda-ism: Non-Fat Stores!

Clean out your closets!!!  Start watching for sales!  Start looking at the Non-Fat Stores!!!  You will have more fun then when you were in High School, I promise!!!

Am I too old to wear this?  Who cares!  I feel FABULOUS!
Stay Positive!
Brenda : )~