First day home

Aug 06, 2010

After toddling around airports all day I got home around 1pm and promptly propped myself up on my side in bed and died until 5am when my drain port and sore abs decided to ask for a pill. Took pill, napped, had a great sleep btw, then got up to calls from friends asking me how everything went D:

So after handling all that, I drank some powerade zero and had some strawberry boonana protein water for breakfast (HEAVEN!)... which gave me so much energy I was on my recumbant bike / elliptical for an hour. O_o

My drain port's gauze came off and it's already healing closed, so my nurse online said it's okay to leave it off. Woo!

I did laundry.

I still am not hungry.

It's 3 somehow after taking care of a few things and I remembered to eat lunch. Mmmmm watery chicken broth with anywhey mixed in. :)

I already feel like a different person, like when I got back on facebook it was looking into the past. I used to constantly battle hormonal shifts in cravings and hunger all my life, and it's gone. It's like growing up with the radio blasting and someone found the off switch. I know it could be temporary, and I've already had passing thoughts of "making something" when emotional, but I found I wasn't really /hungry/ like before. I'm just enjoying this as much as I can. 

Oops, forgot to sip my lunch. lol!


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