Eating out with friends and family

Aug 12, 2010

It's a friend's birthday so we all met at Momo's. I shared green tea and ordered miso and picked out the chives and tofu with chopsticks. We had a great time!

The same was for my family, we visited at the cabin we have at the lake with my brother and his kids from Vancouver, one of the kids friends, my bf, and my parents. There was a feast of my fav--honey garlic chicken and fresh veggies with dip, potatoes with cheese, beer, and pastries. I didn't feel odd out at all, I just sipped my hot v8 and my chocolate shake for desert, all went well. Lotsa laughs and nice stuff. :)))

No one made a fuss, all my friends and family know since I decided I don't mind being open about it, I was heartily supported. I sometimes am asked some questions due to interest, which I was happy to answer.


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