3 months out, 50lbs gone.

Nov 13, 2010

I found that losing weight quickly really threw my system into hormonal overdrive and am constantly working to keep it a good pace. Even if I lose control I still lose weight, though. Right now my body wants a small meal every 4 hours, but sometimes I forget.

I currently can't afford to go to the gym, so I use my elliptical and weights at home :/

I feel great though!
I went from 21 pants to 13s. !!
My boobies havent shrunken much either!

I feel so lucky to feel so healthy, but I do have acid problems that need to be kept in check. If I forget to take an AC there's this one raw spot that's trying to heal in the upper tummy that, when food gets stuck, makes me whine in pain for a minute. :/
So I'm keeping on top of that. D:!!

After an ultrasound last month I still have symptoms of PCOS and was told to stay on Metformin. I'm okay with that, we'll see how it goes the more I lose.
My horrid food cravings I get each month are no longer horrid :) ...but I still have facial hair >:L.


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