7 Days till my surgery!!!

Apr 26, 2011

I can't believe that this time next Tuesday (May 3), I will be in the operating room! It seems like it has taken SSSOOO long to get to this point. My family keeps asking me if I am scared or nervous and they don't believe me when I tell them I am just SUPER excited and ready to do this. Plus, I just found out that my surgeon is the vice cheif of surgery at my hospital so I'm EVEN more confident in him and his abilities!!!

I plan on getting my hair french braided into two braids for my surgery so my hair isn't everywhere in the operating room. I have a TON of thick, long, curly hair. I also have a bag packed with comfy clothes, fuzzy no-slip socks, my cell phone charger, a music player with headphones for walking in the hospital, a word search and highlighter, a journal and a pen. They said I won't need a pillow, chapstick, or toiletries because they will give me all of those things.

My doctor doesn't require a pre-op diet or a bowel prep before surgery, but I want to use up these Slim Fasts and Lean Cusines before my surgery, so I put myself on a modified diet. Slim Fast for breakfast and lunch, then a Lean Cusine for dinner. I also have string cheese, applesauce, yogurt, and granola bars that will go to waste before I reach that stage in my diet after surgery, so I have been giving them to the kids as snacks each day.

 I have also been walking on my elliptical for 45 minutes to an our each day trying to lose as much weight as possible before my surgery. I would like to be down a total of 60 pounds before my surgery. That would put me at 280 pounds. I started at 340 pounds. I am already feeling more confident in myself and sexier in the bedroom with my husband! After surgery, I would love to be between 135-145 pounds. I know I will have to work really hard to reach and maintain that weight. I am already walking on the elliptical everyday. Once I hit 250 pounds, I plan on adding weight training 4 times a week. My husband is in the Air Force, so my ultimate goal is to meet the physical standards for a female who wants to join the Air Force.

7 days till I get to start my new life!!! I can't wait!!!


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