new size, new goal??

Jul 26, 2012

So I went shopping for a few groceries last night; mostly stuff for the boys lunches and such. So we went to the cheapo store....
They were having a giant liquidation of a bunch of clothing, including rain jackets. I just happen to need a rain jacket because the one I have, is one that I bought BEFORE my surgery, in hopes that someday it would fit me. Well I think I bought it last summer, probably around this fit my by Christmas and is now so much too big that it looks like I am wearing someone else's clothes. My Honey told me not to wear it anymore as I looked like a Ragamuffin.
I'm not sure what a ragamuffin is, but I don't think I want to look like one...

So I had a look at what was on the rack. They had green and pink. Oooh pink!!! I love pink!!
They had size 4, 8 and 10 left. Darn!! It was a cute jacket...and for $ 3??? Sheesh!! Only skinny people get the good deals!!

So I walked away and my honey said..."You don't like them?"
"They don't have my size"
"What sizes do they have?" So I told him.

He said, "try on a size 10"
I laughed right out loud in the store and looked at him as if he were on crack.
Then I realized he was serious so I gave him the best  "don't be so ridiculous!!" look I could muster...but he just pulled it off the hanger and handed it to me.

So I shook my head and prepared to try it on and show him how silly he was being because I was nowhere NEAR a size 10....when suddenly, my arm just slipped right in....then the other.

I literally took it off right there and checked the size tag again before trying to button it up.

I slipped it on again and started buttoning it. OK well it might fit in the sleeves but there was NO WAY it was going to button up over my boobs!!

and it did.

OK, well maybe, but there was NO WAY it was going to button up over my stomach!!!

and it did.

Ya, but over my hips?? PUUULLEEEZE!!!

and, of course, it did.

My Honey just looked at me, nodded and walked away to go look at other stuff, leaving me standing in the aisle gaping like a large mouthed bass out of water.

A SIZE 10?????
So I bought the $ 3 size 10 pink rain jacket.

I can't wait til it rains again!!

When I got home, I put everything away and then, with a niggling sense in the back of my mind that there still MUST be some mistake....I gingerly took my beautiful teal-coloured satin size 10 Jones New York goal dress out of its bag. This is my GOAL dress.....this is where I thought I wanted to be.....this was a pipe dream that I never really thought would actually come true. I figured that dress would sitting my closet for the next hundred years or maybe if someone was very creative with the zipper, I might be buried in it!

I closed the door to try it on in peace, just in case it didn't fit....or even worse, just in case it did!
My Honey walked in just as I was about to slip it over my head. He watched and then just silently came over and pinched the material under my arm to zip up the zipper. I didn't even have to hold my breath!! It just zipped right up!!

My size 10 dress fits!!
My GOAL dress fits!!!!

But...what do I do now??
I certainly don't think I am done.
Can I make a new goal, or does that make me greedy? Should I just be thankful where I am and maintain, or do I go for the gold ??

i was nearly in tears with all this running through my head, looking (read: staring in disbelief) at myself in the mirror and running my hands over the smooth fabric of the dress. My honey just kissed me on the forehead and said, "You look gorgeous. I guess you'll need a size 8 now" and walked out of the bedroom.

I guess that answered my question :)


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