Body composition

Dec 11, 2012

15 months ago, my percentage of body fat was 50 %. I was morbidly obese.

Yesterday, I went for a fitness assessment that was part of my new gym membership package. The young man was quite nice, listened carefully and we had a great discussion about what it is that I wanted to get out of my gym time. The jury is still out on whether or not he will turn into a salesman and try to bully me into some crazy $ 10 000 personal training package claiming I wont possibly be able to accomplish my goals on my own, or some other such nonsense....but I am trying to be open minded so ...we"ll see.

Part of the assessment was a weigh-in. My scale at home is not a big fat liar!!! Yay!!! I really am down to 175! On a normal person scale even!! I was pretty stoked about that.

Another part of the assessment was a body composition test.....where you stand on a special scale that measures your muscle mass and fat mass separately. My body fat percentage is now 35 %.

At first I was like...oh cool it's down by 15 %. That's great! Yay me!

But then he showed me the chart.

The percentage range for each category from underfat to morbidly obese are only about 5 %. For my age (at over 40) I am now in the "healthy" range.




Age Range Too Low % Healthy % Too High % Obese
20-39 yrs. Under 21% 21-33% 33-39% Over 39%
40-59 yrs. Under 23% 23-35% 35-40% Over 40%
60-79+yrs. Under 24% 24-36% 36-42% Over 42%





And this is not a 'fat' doctor telling me I am healthy either. This is a person who never knew me when I was fat. This is a professional in the fitness field. This is the staff of a FITNESS facility telling me that I am in the HEALTHY range!!!

The tears came and I couldn't help it, but I cried right there in his office.



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