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Oct 06, 2013

Oh, man. Re-entry is hard. I'm dragging this morning. I think I'm too old for this stuff. We'll get the weight stuff out of the way first... I indulged in a few treats over the weekend, a piece of chocolate, a couple of drinks, etc. I figured I'd wake up with a few pounds so I wasn't going to hit the scale for a few days, but it's a habit now... and a pleasant surprise. 149.5 - which is my lowest weight. I was surprised, but VERY happy!

The conference was a lot of fun. I had a few things that were a little odd, I'm used to business conferences and this was a little different. When I run the world, I shall make things just as *I* think they should be. BUT we had an amazing time. Honestly, I skipped the panels, it was mostly newbie questions. I went to a few sessions and learned a few things, but at this point it's mostly rehashing stuff I know. To be honest, I mostly went to see my friends and have a good time... and I succeeded.

My back was fine. I laid down several times when I felt it swelling or starting to get sore. I didn't have any major issues with it. I also didn't dance or do anything to stress it out because I did NOT want to be laid up with it.

On the way in, the TSA agent was questioning my driver's license. Sigh. I had it redone about half way through. I guess I need to go get it redone again. Gah, I hate the DOT office.

So... photos! I still look at these and cannot believe that is REALLY me. But it is... it's me :)

These are ones I grabbed from folks' phones, my phone or the OH FaceBook page. They had photographers everywhere so hopefully I have another post with other fun photos when those go online.

This is what Alison and I saw when we got off the elevator to our room. Dude, I think they put us on the wrong floor. No, we didn't get kicked out... although I dunno why. LOL!

I found this on my pillow from Alison... awwwwww!

My slide from the fashion show. I wore the same dress, LOL!

Alison and I in the first session

Alison's back was bugging her :(

What happens when formerly fat girls find chocolate? In the words of Summer "Sleeve Girls Gone Wild" - Oh, and that's RavenBrown (Deena) with Summer - not outing them - just sayin'. *I*, of course, didn't have any chocolate (Hahahaha... okay, maybe I did... hmmm)


Halloween party pics.

Yes, Chris Waffle is one lucky bastard. But the devil was walking around tempting us with freaking twinkies.

Dinner at Joe's Crab Shack (hey, crab is good protein - crab, didn't crop out the alcohol). I look like a crazed zombie and John looks constipated. LOL!

Jen getting some lovin' from Alison & I

Okay, Linda is one HOT MOMMA. Dude... lookit


A big group of us being really silly at the after party...

... and, of course, I took a break out to visit with some of my business friends :)

Misc fun stuff:

- I roomed with Deena, Summer & Alison. We had a GREAT time. I had to majorly LOL when Deen and Summer came in at 2am after being out partying at a Mexican Salsa bar with Chris Waffle. Summer kind of flew onto the bed, slept with her ID and phone in her bra in her dress. I was thinking "if she pukes, I'm totally out of here"

- I got to meet so many wonderful folks, I'll never remember everyone's name, but my roomies, Linda, Linda, Elena, Ms Shell, Ginger, Lisa, Kim, Christina, Nicole, Alison, Jen, John, Chris, Summer, Deena... gah, I seriously cannot remember everyone. I loved that pretty much everyone was really just awesome to hang out with. Most everyone I met was super down to Earth and we were all just there to have a good time and celebrate ourselves.

- Wondering if I could steal another wheelchair and have wheelchair races down the "quiet" floor hallways.

- Starbucks. Starbucks. Did I mention Starbucks? (yes, with whipped cream, bitches!)

- Photos photos everywhere. It was kind of cool to see everyone and anyone being willing to jump into a photo. I know many of us used to shy away from photos.

So, yeah... now, I need to find some coffee.


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