Where has the time gone?

Feb 10, 2010

I can't believe it has  been so long since I have been on here.  So much has happened in the last 5 months.  My mother went in for a pacemaker and it went down hill from there.  I lost my mom at the end of January, and it still doesn't  seem real yet.  I am working, and trying to clean out her house, keep up with family and all of her friends that just can't believe that she is gone.  I am trying to be everything to everyone, and I think I can handle it for a little while longer.  I know when her birthday hits I will fall apart, but I will make sure to be there for my boys. 

Losing mom has made me kick it into gear with losing the last few pounds I need to make goal.  I would like to be at goal weight by the end of Feb.  I know I can do it and more.  I want to be healthy and be able to do things with my husband and my boys.  I need to do this for me!  I am worth it and I deserve to be happy.

I am making better choices even with this.  I am not bringing sweets into the house and have had very little to do with them outside of the house.  I have had some slips, I don't think of them as cheating, I think of it as sliding back to my old ways of comfort food. 

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