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Thumbs-up from the doc, 4 months out

Apr 04, 2014

I had a check-in with the surgeon yesterday, and he says I'm doing great! My blood tests came back fabulously, though my good cholesterol is low-- not a surprise because I've been SO exhausted that I can't do more than walk about a mile a couple of times a week.

Sadly, he didn't have any good solutions for why I've been absolutely exhausted lately. I was the last appointment of the day, and they were running late so I was in at a bit after 5, and I almost fell asleep in the waiting room! Fortunately my iron, B12, and whatnot aren't low, so those aren't the cause. I'm supposed to up my protein and water, which makes sense since I fight to get 60g protein most days, and see if that makes a difference, otherwise we'll get my thyroid tested to rule that out, too.

Overall, though, he's really pleased with my progress. I'm down by 63 pounds between surgery day and my office weigh-in, which is "right on track," even though my loss has slowed way down lately. (Probably due to low protein and not a whole lot of exercise). So I'm supposed to "keep doing what [I'm] doing," and come back in 3 months. The next visit is when he does the standard apnea and blood-pressure evaluation, so apparently I'll do a home sleep study and maybe go back to the cardiologist to see if I can go off the CPAP and/or the blood pressure meds, which would be AWESOME.

So even though I feel really weak and woozy today (I actually had to stay home from work, ugh, trying to rest up and push the fluids and protein this weekend) I think the results from yesterday are reason to smile. Hooray! :)

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