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Which surgery is right for me?

Oct 02, 2017

"Which surgery should I get?" This question pops up on the forums ALL THE TIME. And it's a big decision to make!

The default answer is: talk to your doctor and consider your medical history. Your surgeon has dealt with thousands of patients and can help make the decision based on his/her experience and your particular health situation.

That said, here are a few considerations about the different surgeries that you may want to think about as you do your homework.



  • Has been around longer, so there's more data on long-term success rates
  • A slightly more complicated procedure than sleeve
  • Surgeons may be more familiar with the surgery since they've been doing it longer
  • Best choice for patients with diabetes, because there are excellent rates of putting diabetes in remission
  • Has the benefit of malabsorption, though it's not permanent
  • Some patients (but not all) experience dumping syndrome when they eat sugar, so it can be a good choice for people who have problems with sweets
  • No NSAIDs allowed because of ulcer risk


  • Slightly less risky as a procedure
  • Less data on long-term success since it's been in common use for less time
  • No malabsorption, which may be a plus for some people
  • No risk of dumping (could be good or bad)
  • Can be converted to a DS if additional loss is needed for high-BMI patients
  • May reduce hunger due to temporary ghrelin removal, but this doesn't happen for everyone. Can be a good choice for "grazers"
  • Less risk of nutritional deficiency, but supplements still required
  • NSAIDs *might* be allowed-- old recommendations said they were OK, but newer research says no
  • Can cause reflux in some people, so definitely don't go for sleeve if you have any history of acid problems
  • Weight loss may happen more slowly than RNY, but final loss amounts seem to be about the same

Both surgeries have similar outcomes for total weight loss and possibility of regain. They're both a good tool for losing weight and keeping it off. Which one you choose is ultimately up to you and your doctor.


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