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Premier Protein Chocolate Shake

"I've tried a bunch of shakes and powders and had ZERO luck finding anything I liked. I snagged some of the chocolate Premier shakes, though, and they're actually pretty good-- this is coming from someone who doesn't even like chocolate milk! The texture isn't gritty and there's no weird aftertaste, so it's easy to drink a shake and get on with my morning. The little cartons are really convenient, too, I can fit several of them in my mini-fridge at work. #PremierProteinGiveaway #Entry"

Tucson Medical Center

"The hospital facilities were great. When checking in, my family received an ID number that was displayed on a TV screen that let them know when I was being prepped for surgery, in the OR, in recovery, or in my room. I had a room to myself, they were able to stay with me whenever they wanted, and there was no trouble with parking. While staying overnight, though, I had many problems: * Someone took my glasses before surgery, and when returned to my room, nobody could find them. I'm nearly blind without them and this left me panicked. I could not find my pain button (which was not clipped to my bed or gown) or the call button so I was left alone and lost. Since I couldn't drink, I was hoarse and couldn't shout to the nurses' station either. * I was never hooked up to my CPAP machine, which I brought with me. At one point, a respiratory therapist came to my room because there was some concern about my breathing but apparently nobody made the connection. * I was in severe pain for the entire recovery period because opioid pain meds don't do much for me. I repeatedly told the nurses that I was nauseous due to the pain but I guess they assumed I was queasy for some other reason and their only solution was to hit my pain button and conk me out so I would sleep. From their POV I'm sure it was the correct decision but it was very frustrating. That being said, the staff was very careful to make sure I was always hooked up to my oxygen tubes, circulation boots, and IV lines. The problem was that I was unable to communicate (probably because I was out of my mind due to serious pain) and things were busy-- I totally understand that. Overall, though, my memories of my hospital stay are those of complete panic, helplessness, and pain. I'm sure that goes right along with having major surgery to rearrange your guts, but if someone could have tracked down my glasses, or if there were a way to say, "hey, this medicine isn't doing anything and I still hurt," it would have gone a LOT better."

Jeffery Monash

"Surgeon was fabulous, very helpful and friendly. He made sure all my questions were answered, before and after surgery, and I appreciate his focus on feeling healthy rather than aiming for specific numbers. The office staff is wonderful, especially Binda, the insurance coordinator. I would recommend the whole office in a heartbeat. The folks at the hospital where the surgeries are performed (TMC), however, were frustrating to work with, however. While I was there post-op, my glasses went MIA (my vision is very poor and I was nearly blind, which left me terrified) and I could never find my morphine button-- probably because I couldn't see more than 4" in front of my own nose. Additionally, I was never put on my CPAP, which left the nurses cranky about my oxygen levels. I was unable to reach a call button, too hoarse to call for a nurse, and so tangled up in tubes and wires that I couldn't get up and stumble to the nurses' station for help. Surgery recovery is rough enough as is, but the whole thing left me feeling terrified and alone."
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