50 pounds gone since Feb 12 '07

Mar 25, 2007

Six weeks since surgery and 50 pounds have melted away.  Tonight I really stepped out on the wild side.  Took the family to one of our favorite restuarants, Greenbriar (the old one).  I ordered the small catfish plate  and baked potato.  I ate one whole fish...that's the most food in one sitting since surgery.  I had a couple of bites of potato and 2 french fries to go along with it...awsome!  I was quite full but felt great.

I am 2 sizes down in my waist (54 to 50) and even the 50 waist is getting loose now.  I am waiting a while before buying shirts...they'll just have to do.  I have gone from a 4 XLT to a 2 XLT.  Everyone who sees me says they can really tell the difference in my face.  

I still have thoughts of regret, but they are becomming fewer and farther between now that my body is realizing real changes.  I feel so much better than I did a month ago.  I'm sure it only gets better from here.

March 21 314 pounds (47 pounds lost)

Mar 21, 2007

Still hard to believe it's happening so fast.  I had my first incident of food getting stuck today.  I mowed my lawn and got really hungry.  I ordered some chicken wings from Applebee's.  I must have eaten too fast.  3 bites and that was it.  It was a slow process, but ultimately I could not get it to go down.  What a reality check!  I did better tonight...my wife made pork chops and a really incredible dish with Navy beans, onions, garlic and tomatos.  I took very small bites and really enjoyed my dinner.  

I am down 4 inches in my waist now, and my pants are looking very silly.  I am shopping on E-bay for clothing now...tried the thrift stores but there was nothing in the size I need.  Most everything was about 2 sizes too small.  I'll try back in a few weeks when I'm that small.  

Will post photos this weekend.

33 days...exactly 40 pounds gone!

Mar 17, 2007

Incredible...that's the only word to describe this experience so far.  I went for a haircut today and my barber really was able to tell the weight was coming off.  I can't really tell much difference in the way I look yet (but I do see myself every day) so it was nice to see someone who hasn't seen me in a few weeks to make those comments.  I am having a little difficult time getting enough protein...can't take the protein powders taste or texture.  I'm trying to drink more shakes and am searching for the good protein bars to try to boost my intake.  Just can't eat enough to get the protein I need.  Hoping to find some clothing at the thrift store today...can't keep my pants up any longer and trying to cinch them up with a belt just looks silly...nice problem to have for a change.  

Have heard from lots of family members who are reading this journal and I wanted to thank them all for their support and kind words.  Will be posting some new photos this weekend.

Bring on the real food

Mar 13, 2007

Yesterday I tried a beef and bean burrito from Taco Bell.  Many wls patients have a hard time with beef early on, but no problems for me.  I was very ambitious and ordered 2 burritos, but was only able to eat one, just the insides of course.  What a great feeling to have normal food again!  And 16 grams of protein...woo hoo!  I weighd this morning and have lost another pound...37 so far and only 124 to go.  Why did I wait so long to do this?

4 Weeks out...what a difference!

Mar 12, 2007

I really can't believe it has been 4 weeks since I was admitted into the hospital for my surgery.  28 days...36 pounds gone!  I am already down 2 pants sizes (from 54 to 50) and have gone from "frightingly obese to fat" according to my wife.  I weight 325 pounds now, down from 361 and it feels great!  Another 35 pounds and I will have wiped away 10 years of weight gain.  

Now it's time to begin the journey of real food.  I now see what some of my post-op friends that did this before me mean about not enough protein...I can't eat enough.  I'm sure it will come in time, but right now it is really frustrating.  I can't decide what I want to try first now that I am at phase 3 of my diet and recovery.  I really miss Mexican food, so that may be my first stop.  My biggest fear is eating something and getting sick at the restaurant...oh well, can't live in fear.  

More to come...hope you'll come back!

My early expeience

Mar 09, 2007

January 29, 2007


Exactly 2 weeks before my weight loss surgery.  I mentioned on my radio show this past Friday that I was getting ready to have the surgery and received 2 very nice e-mails from listeners who had gone through it and both said what others I have talked to said…they would do it again in a heartbeat.  One lady, Cindy, said that if she knew then how she would look and feel after surgery that she would have never had any hesitation about the surgery.  I am still pretty nervous, but excited about the prospects. 


I began what is supposed to be a 2 week prep diet that included 2 liquid protein meals per day (breakfast and lunch) and one high protein, real food, meal in the evening.  I didn’t make it past lunch.  My head hurt so bad, I had to find food.  I went to a favorite bar b que place and had the pork plate.  No fries (yea me!) but a lot of protein.  Tonight I had 2 chicken breasts with Grey Poupon mustard.  Feel pretty good, but a little frustrated that I couldn’t stick to the plan.  I hope it’s much easier to fight off hunger with a smaller stomach!


Tomorrow is another day…bring on the protein shakes!


February 11, 2007



It’s the night before the surgery.  I just had my last real meal before the change…a bowl of my wife’s delicious chili and saltines.  The rest of the night will be liquids and the final liquid of the night, the bottle of bowel cleanser…yum, yum.  The two week liquid and protein diet was almost a complete failure.  I did use the protein shakes to skip regular meals, but I also had some meals that I will miss for a while…Mexican, Chinese, pizza.  I don’t think I overdid it, but you never know.  I will beat myself up if I wake up from surgery tomorrow night with a long scar down my middle and an “I told you so” look from Dr. Mailipur.  At my first support group meeting, all the ladies there who were nurses said my size would not be a factor…they had seen many people larger than me have the lap surgery.  Just my luck, I’ll be the “special” case. 


Scared is the emotion I’m feeling right now.  These past 2 weeks have crawled by, but today seemed like 2 hours.  All of a sudden I’m thinking about what to pack for the hospital.  Speaking of the hospital… Huntsville Hospital has opening a new patient tower with tons of amenities like flat screen TVs, nurses stations outside of the rooms…great windows, etc.  My hope is I can end up there for my recovery.  There are 84 rooms, surely they can spare one for me. 



February 12, 2007 (361 pounds)



Day of surgery.  I get a wake up call from the station…2 newer folks filling in on the morning show having some problems…no big deal.  I hadn’t slept well all night, mainly waiting for the bowel cleanser to work.  Well now that I’m up, here it comes.  I make my way to the bathroom for what I expect will be a long process.  Less that 10 minutes later, the phone rings again, but this time it’s the hospital saying that Dr. Mailipur wants me in at instead of .  I try to explain I’m not really ready, but they don’t let up.  I agree and begin to really re-think that last bowl of chili the night before.  I hadn’t had the cleansing experience that I expected and feared the worst.  I woke my wife with the news and begin to rally the troops for the unexpected surgery time change. 


I don’t remember much about the ride to the hospital…I didn’t drive and that’s unusual for me.  I called my friend Ken who was on the radio that morning to let him know about the surgery time change and he interviews me on the spot.  What a professional!  I arrive, take myself to the first floor surgery waiting room of Huntsville Hospital and then back to the pre-screening area.  I meet a really nice man who takes my blood pressure, some blood and temperature.  After the pre-screen, I’m taken to a small room, given the gown that resembles a tent and a plastic bag for my street clothes.  A nice nurse gets my signature on a form, I meet the anesthetist and get my IV’s.  A nice listener who I’ve spoken with over the past year about the surgery stops by to visit.  My wife and mother are both there along with my Aunt Francis.  Dr. Mailipur comes by for any last minute questions we might have.  Finally, it’s time.  As I’m wheeled out, my wife takes one last photo of me pre-op and off I go to the OR. 


Have I made the right decision…that’s all I’m thinking as they move me onto the operating table.  It’s very cold.  A man with a surgical mask looks over and puts an oxygen mask over my mouth.  I hear someone announce my name and what surgery is to be performed.  Luckily they don’t say anything relating to amputation.  Someone says that I will be going to sleep very soon and before I can say thank you, I’m out.


I wake up in recovery with no pain.  I immediately ask the nurse there if they had to cut me open.  She says no, the surgery was done lap.  Thank God, I say.  I lay there and drift off to sleep.  I don’t remember moving to my room or even waking up.  I remember getting up and walking the first night and being extremely thirsty.  Nothing to drink until the leak test the next morning.  The nurse offered glycerin swabs and they helped.  My mom stays with me the first night. 


February 13 2007 (1 day post op)



My mouth is so dry.  I can’t wait to get the leak test so I can have some water or ice.  Dr. Mailipur comes by and says everything is looking good.  A nurse comes and takes me down to radiology for my leak test.  A really nice man named Roger tells me everything that will happen…I’ll get to drink this really disgusting orange flavored drink while they take pictures of it moving through my system. 

I stand at the x-ray machine and sip the cup of liquid until it’s gone.  They try to take the pictures, but it moves through so fast they don’t get all the pictures they need.  Roger says that’s a good sign, but says I need to drink a little more so they can get a full look.  I get more and sip it slower this time.  Success.  The taste in my mouth is the worst I had ever had (to that point) and the initial report that all looks good makes me want water even more.


I get wheeled back to my room and await the doctor’s approval that all is well.  Dr. Mailipur comes in and gives me the go-ahead to begin my liquids.  I begin by drinking water and later some chicken broth.  Considering all that’s happened, I seem to be doing well.  All the nurses say I’m doing really great, but I don’t have anyone to compare my progress with so I have to take their word. 


I walk more and feel better than the day before. 





February 14 2007  (2 days post op)



More walking, more liquids.  I am doing quite well and Dr. Mailipur asks if I think I could go home today.  I think about it and ask if I can stay one more day.  He says that’s fine.  I do this thinking that I can get more rest in the hospital than at home with the kids, and that proves to be true.  I had such a good nights sleep the night before I can’t wait to see how much better I feel tomorrow.  Having trouble getting all the liquids and protein I need, but I’m trying very hard.  Time to go home tomorrow.


February 15 2007 (3 days post op)



What a terrible night.  Could hardly sleep…really tired of being on my back all the time.  I got up around and began watching TV between trips to the bathroom for gas and squirt.  All gastric bypass patients are told how important relieving gas in the hospital is before you leave, but don’t think it’s all just gas.  Take my advice and go to the restroom every time.  Trust me on this one. 


Around , I get the energy up to shave and begin getting ready to leave.  I call my mom to come get me and then make one last walk around the hall.  I try to make sure I speak to all the wonderful people who have worked with me to get me to this point.  Some I don’t see, so I hope they read this and know how much their caring and hard work meant to me and my recovery.  I can’t thank you all enough. 


My mom calls and says she’s almost to the hospital entrance.  Three nursing students come to my room to help me with my things ( I can’t lift more than 15 pounds for the first 2 weeks).  They are all shocked that I want to walk to the exit instead of riding in a wheelchair.  I head outside to get in the car…wow is it cold.  In Alabama , we don’t usually have brutal winters, but today is very cold and windy.  I thank the nursing students for their help and my mom drives me home.  Among the living again…I made it!!!


I walk up and down my steps at home quite a few times, take a walk around my neighborhood and get my first shower in 4 days.  Amazing how much a shower can make you feel better.  I think I’m going to make it.


February 16 2007 (4 days post op)



Better day today, but still hard to fit all the protein and liquids in.  Walked a couple of times around the neighborhood and a lot up and down the stairs.  The thing I am finding is that I don’t like sleeping on my back…only got about 5 hours in the bed and had to move to the chair in the living room.  This sleep deprivation is like when you bring home a new baby.  Hopefully the pain will subside and allow me to sleep on my side in a few days.




February 18 2007



Had a rough night again of trying to sleep on my back…asleep at 10, awake at .  I do the usual…move to a chair in the living room for a couple of hours, then downstairs to the recliner for another hour.  This morning, though, I am really exhausted and decide to try the bed one more time.  I get in and try rolling over on my left side.  Success!!!  I can finally sleep on my side without pain.  (note: I have not taken, with the exception of Tylenol, any pain meds since Tuesday 2/20 at 4am…not bragging, just didn’t want you to think it was the drugs J ). 


The rest of the day was ok.  Got my car started and went out with my boys to my work to pick up my pay stub.  Had strained egg drop soup for dinner and popsicles before bed.  Sugar free Popsicle brand are my favorites. 


I find that I am getting more and more hungry as the days go on, and I am having to really fight myself to remain on Phase 1 for the full 2 weeks.  Only 8 more days to go.  Don’t have a weight loss number yet…no good scales at my house.  I hope to weigh in this week if possible.


February 20, 2007



Felt great all day…even went out and bought a new car.  Still waiting to weigh in next Tuesday.  Can’t wait to find out how I’m progressing.


February 21 2007



First day back at work.  Everyone was amazed that I came back so soon, but not me…I feel great.  One problem…can’t seem to get my belt tight enough to hold my pants up.  Still a little sore around the midsection.  So every time I got up to walk, I’d have one hand holding up my pants.  It’s really a good feeling.  Still eating egg drop soup, drinking Atkins shakes and water.  Really looking forward to phase 2 of the diet…only 4 days to go!


February 27 2007



Two week post-op check up with Dr. Mailapur.  I weight in at 340 pounds…down 21 pounds since surgery (15 days).  Not only that, but I have been off  my blood pressure medication since February 11 and today it is 137 over 74.  Wow..what a difference 21 pounds makes.  I met a young lady in the office who had her surgery in October of 2005 by a different doctor, but had chosen to come to Dr. Mailapur for better follow-up care.  Good choice…I have only great things to say about Dr. Mailapur.  Very caring and concerned about my progress and well-being.  He reminded me that this surgery is just a tool and that I must make the sacrifices necessary to lose and maintain a healthy weight.  He gives me details on my diet for the next 2 weeks and then for phase 3 and tells me he wants to see me back in 10 weeks.  I am a little disappointed in the weight loss, but then think that if I hadn’t had this surgery, I would have probably gained that much.  It is quite amazing, though. 



March 4 2007



An incredible allergy has hit me.  Last Wednesday, I began to have some irritation in my left eye that grew worse on Thursday.  Called the doctor on Friday thinking that I might have pink eye.  Also, my nose had turned so red, you would think heavy drinker or too much sun…neither of which is the case.  My primary care doctor concluded it was just a bad allergy and gave me a steroid booster shot and some eyedrops.  Still today, I am plagued with the itchy eye and red nose.  Good news…last night I slept without my C-Pap machine for the first time in over a year.  No snoring!!  Worked today at a remote broadcast and then hung curtains after the kids were in bed.  Energy level is a little lower than I would like, but still not bad.  I have got to purchase a scale to weigh in on.  Only one more week to go on the phase 2 portion of my recovery diet…I can’t wait to really chew something…hope I can wait it out.

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