What a great weekend!

Jun 24, 2007

I had a full weekend of work for the most part, but the kind that before surgery I would have not been able or willing to do.  I got on a ladder for the first time in probably 6 years, replacing light fixtures and bulbs, cleaning windows, ect.  Today I mowed the grass, and helped my oldest son with learning to ride his bike without the training wheels.  It was a very productive weekend and one that would have been virtually impossible without the weight loss.  

I haven't weighed in the past few days, but will tomorrow.  Hoping to be down a few more on my way to thinness.

101 pounds gone!

Jun 19, 2007

My goal of losing at least 100 pounds by my birthday has been reached!  I got on the scales yesterday and had hit 260...101 pounds gone in 127 days.  If I didn't loose another pound I would say this surgery has been worth it, but I know it only gets better from here.  New photos later today.

My left knee has really been bothering me the last 3 days...not sure of how it got injured, but it's tough to walk around right now...can only imagine how bad it would be with an extra 100 pounds pressing down on it.  Taking Advil and hoping the pain will subside soon.  

101 pounds gone...about 80 pounds to go...wonder how long that will take?

Goal to be down 100 pounds by July 31 almost reached

Jun 10, 2007

As of today, June 10 2007, I have lost 96 pounds.  This past week saw 7 more go away.  Strange how some weeks will see very little in the way of weight loss, and others it just melts away.  Guess my body is just adjusting and doing it's thing.  

My wife traveled to Dallas this weekend for a wedding, leaving me with our 3 children.  Were I still at 360 pounds plus, I would not be able to handle the pressure to taking care of and entertaining 3 youngsters, but without the weight, just a fun challenge.  That is the main reason, other than my health, for having the surgery.  It has already been a great summer and it is sure to get better as I get smaller.

Things are going very well with my recovery and new habits.  I find that I cannot eat much at breakfast so I stick with Atkins protein bars or an Atkins shake.  Lunch is sometimes hard to get down, so I don't eat much at lunch.  But by dinner, I am hungry and eat a normal meal, then snack on cheese and crackers or soy snacks.  

I tried a Zone protein bar on the suggestion of a co-worker and didn't check the label for sugars before I had eaten most of it...17 grams of sugar...yikes.  I waited and waited for the dumping to begin, but luckily no issues.  But it scared me enough to remember to read all labels before buying or eating.

I will post more photos when I reach the magical 100 pound weight loss which, with any luck, will be next week.

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What a great weekend!
101 pounds gone!
Goal to be down 100 pounds by July 31 almost reached