Surgiversary Day

Jun 07, 2011

Today marks one year since my WLS.  I am grateful for the 100 pounds I lost this past year.  I am grateful for the celebration dinner I had with a friend.  I am grateful for the new direction in my life and am glad that my life is taking a change for the better.  I am grateful for taking flute lessons again.  I love music and playing flute feeds my soul.  I am grateful for my children who bring me great joy.  I am grateful for my new clients, who never cease to amaze me as they overcome challenges and grow.  I am grateful for the clarity that WLS has brought to me.  Beyond weight loss and better health, I am happy to see through new eyes.

May God bless all of you who read my blogs.  I am so grateful for all of you.  Everyone on this site helps me find my way through this journey of weight loss.  May you be doubly blessed for encouraging me, supporting me and making my life richer and fuller. 


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