What People Have to Say.

Jul 14, 2009

It is so amazing how people feel the have the right to walk up to me and say whatever the heck they want. I was in this ladies work area along with my sister last month.  She knows that I had surgery and my sister just recently had WLS surgery. She told my sister don't lose too much weight like your sister here and than preceded to tell me that she told several other people that I looked better before I had surgery. I said oh so you are saying that I am ugly now? Well, I just think you look better with more weight on your face. Wow! And than I have the "Oh, you are so skinny!" I am like man how would they feel if I said "Oh, you are so fat" "Uh, you are so ugly" But, that's apart of the adjustment.  I have taken sometime to learn polite yet to the point ways to let people know there negative comments are not appreciated.

Check this out my grandmother went out of her way Saturday to call me and tell me the only reason she called was to tell me I need to stop losing so much weight. Mind you this is the grandmother that will tell you any illness you have is because you are too fat or overweight. So you are damned if you do damned if you don't. She asked me Sunday to give her a ride to church and as soon as she sat in the car and repeated you know what you need to stop loosing weight.

Well that is my tirade for today.

But, I am loving my new body and a body without aches and pains. Praise the Lord!


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