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I need some 2nd Wk post op alternatives to soup. I am hungry all the time still which, I thought would stop after my revision surgery. I feel like I'm ready for solids, I see my doctor on Friday so I will ask her what she thinks. But, I have my protein

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Mal-bypass revision, scheduled 12/4/2017 im on a full liquid diet the week before my surgery. I have gotten soup, jello (YUK), PowerAde zero, Premier Protein, but I am at a loss of what else I can do. Any suggestions anyone?

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Shopping of

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I drive past it all the time

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Nov 27 2017;

So I have attempted prior weeks to prepare for this pre-op diet. With my first surgery, I did not have a pre-op diet just the post op diet; So, I got soups, Premier protein drin...

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revision;gastric bypass to lap band - I had my open gastric procedure back in April 05, I have gained back alot of the weight and I was considering a revision to a lap band, has anyone had any experience with this? ...
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