Training Update

Mar 19, 2010

Training has been going great the past week. Amongst having the flu I was able to get in two 10K's, and three swimming sessions. Last nights run I paced 5.3 mph and 8 sprint intervals for 2-3 minutes at 8mph. Also, lost another 6lbs this week.
My swim this week started rough but I have a new weight training specific program that I am working that is a 4 week lifting program. It is focused specifically on swimming muscle groups. Next four weeks will be cycling specific and the next four run specific.

Last nights swim:
500 m warmup.
800M w/ Leg boui and just arms
100M sprint
400M cooldown 

Hit the sauna for a few minutes, stretched and came home and hammered a peanut butter and 70 calorie orawheat sandwich, tangerine and 50 gram protein shake before bed. Today is weight training day and core workout. 

Goal for the next two weeks is to lose 6-7lbs per week so when my new bike comes, I'll be in the 250's. Started this year at 300lbs so yesterday at 272, was great to see. But more importantly my run time was increased. My head is solid and I really don't focus on what I look like but how I can increase my speed in all of my triathlon disciplines. I love it because it takes the pressure off of the mirror and put's it on my chrono watch! Happy Friday all. 

22km run on Saturday!  



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