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Hey all! So I am hoping to start doing some plastics this year-aiming to go in for my first (potentially a LBL with fleur di lis) this fall. I have to go get some bloodwork done to see if I am in good shape to do so, I suspect that I am. I had a consul

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I am almost a year and a half out from surgery. My weight still fluctuates quite a bit-My low is 180, my high is 190. I know some bad decision making takes a part in this, but its also sometimes uncorrelated. At my height, 180 makes me overweight, righ

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OMG so helpful! Had no idea why this kept happening, what it was...

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Hey guys. I have stopped posting as much on here, but I am still a silent participant :P But today I just had to share. Today was my first day stepping on the scale, and weighing in under 200 pounds (ended up coming in at 195 after a weekend away!) 195

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Reminding myself how many cute clothes I will be able to wear! Remember how much more easily I will keep up with my son!

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I would love to win any of these giveaways! I had gastric bypass 6...

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I am OFFICIALLY 100 POUNDS DOWN!! I am so happy. I can't believe that I can even say that. I had been kinda hoping it would happen faster (I'm a little over 4 months out) because I have so much further to go, but this is a major accomplishment. I haven

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Premier Protein has been my go-to since surgery. You are the cream...

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Its crazy how losing this much weight this quickly can mess with you. I feel like I haven't been this happy in years, and then I crash from it because of how far I have to go, and feeling like I can't express the emotions I'm experiencing just from sur

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Okay-guilty as charged. I am a total diet soda addict. It's not against my NUT's recommendation, per se, but the amount I am capable of drinking of it in probably is. Because of this, I took a couple days off without it, trying to focus much more on wa

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According to the weight loss calendar on the OH weight loss calculator, I'm like 30 pounds above where I should (or could?) be in my weight loss. I feel so good about my loss until I come across things like this and just feel like I'm smacked in the fa

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