Should I go see IV fluids?

Jul 08, 2017

Hello All!

After creeping on these post for a few weeks, I've decided to engage with you guys....I need support. 

Firstly, I KNOW that I haven't gotten enough protein in since having surgery....the options for liquid protein are absolutely depressing and taste GOD AWFUL! I'm worried though that I won't heal properly without it....I just don't know how to increase the amount i put into my body. The one thing I can tolerate is an Iced vanilla premier protein shake poured over two decaf shots of espresso....

This lack of intake is making me super weak, sad, angry, not able to focus at work, unable to walk fast and of course dehydrated...and I'm wondering if I should maybe just go to the hospital for IV fluids. Would this help or not since I'm not really addressing the protein aspect by getting fluids....

Ugh!!! I'm like at my wit's end and my surgeon's office is closed until Monday so I can't reach out to him...any advice is soooo appreciated.



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