Kristine A.
Lansing, MN, USA
Post Op - BMI: 38.1
Member ID: A1048543963
Surgeon: Peter O'Brien, M.D.

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I garden, play the piano/organ, sing, play with my kids and love to be outside.

This is my 2 month Anniversary and I have lost 60 pounds by my home scale and have taken my 2X-3X and 22W, 24W, & 26W, sizes out of my closet and dresser - YEAH!!!!!

My blood pressure is great and I feel wonderful! Good luck to all who have had the surgery and are looking forward to the surgery - Life is Great!

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    Surgeon Info:
    Surgeon: Peter O'Brien, M.D.
    My first impression of Dr. O'Brien was that he is a very small man compared to me..... but over time, he seemed caring and kind. His staff is only professional and courteous. They have a job to do and they do it with utmost caring and consideration. My initial appointment was August 28, 2002 and my surgery is set for April 9, 2003. I have many many telephone conversations with his staff and the appealing of my case for insurance.....