Diane B.
Warren, MI, USA
Post Op - BMI: 40.3
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Had my surgery on 4/9/03. Things were so much easier than I had anticipated. The pain was a lot less than I had imagined. In fact, it hurt less than when I had my gallbladder out (had pleurisy after surgery -- what a nightmare). I have been at home for several day and on a full liquid diet. Saw doctor yesterday and had staples removed. However, because he will be on vacation, cannot have drain removed until 4/28. BUMMER.

Hospital Reviews
  • (Warren, MI) - Henry Ford Macomb Hospital - Warren Campus

  • Surgeon Info:
    I met Dr. Katz for the first time this past week. He was genuinely very nice, and did not rush me out of the office in the typically 30 seconds or less. Took time to explain procedure, options, what to expect, etc. Even after I was at the front checking out and had a few more questions, his staff put me back in an exam room and he came back to talk some more. WOW !!! His staff was great, accommodating, and really easy to talk to. Dr. Katz is part of the Liv-Lite organization and support groups, diet plan, etc. are prepared and distributed through either the hospital or them. However, on my consultation visit, Dr. Katz did give me a copy of the diet book to read over and become familiar with ahead of time. I know this is really rare, but at this point, I would have to say he is one of the best doctors I have had to deal with. I must say, Dr. Katz just keeps getting better with time. He has taken the time to call me at home following discharge. WOW ! ! !
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    Blue Cross Blue Shield, Community Blue