Jill C.
Fayetteville/Fort Bragg, NC, USA
Post Op - BMI: 22.6
Surgery Type: RNY
Member ID: C1034027514
Web Site: http://amile.diaryland.com/040114_47.html
Surgeon: Paul Carter, M.D.

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My name is Jill and I'm 26 years old. I'm an Army spouse of 7 years and mom to our 6 year old twin daughters and 3 year old son. We are currently stationed at Ft. Bragg, NC which is our 4th duty station together so far. "Home" is Long Island, NY for me, and NJ for my husband, Paul. I work part time for the county court system as a dispute resolution mediator and I am also a juvenile house arrest counselor.

I first started gaining weight after the birth of my daughters in 1997. I had lost some, but steadily gained over the years. After my son was born in 2000, I knew I needed to lose weight. I was 220lbs and the heaviest I had ever been. I realized it wasn't so easy. I tried every diet under the sun with little/no success. I got frustrated, and gave up.

A year later I noticed simple things were getting difficult to do--- chasing after my kids, long walks I had always enjoyed, even just crossing my legs. I would get tired easily, my back hurt, my knees hurt. I had trouble getting comfortable in bed at night. My parents came to visit one week and we took the kids to an amusement park-- I couldn't fit on most of the rides. I laughed it off, but went home and cried. That is when I knew I had to do SOMETHING.

I saw my primary care physician at Madigan Army Medical Center at Ft. Lewis, WA. She referred me to the nutrition clinic where I took some nutrition classes. I started going to the gym working with a personal trainer. I had made some progress, but very little. That is when we started talking about bariatric surgery. Unfortunately, the waiting list was about 2 years long and we didn't have enough time left at the base before we were due to PCS again. I researched this surgery extensively. I read everything I could get my hands on and talked to people who have had the surgery done. I decided this is something I really wanted to do.

We arrived at Ft. Bragg at the end of January 2003, and I weighed in at a whopping 265lbs. I immediately made an appointment with my primary care manager to talk about the surgery and to get a referral. My doctor referred me to the general surgery clinic and I was excited to get started. Somehow I kept falling through the cracks and I didn't get in for my initial consultation until Sept., after a depressing 7 months with my husband in Iraq, and 20lbs heavier (and hopefully my all-time heaviest--of 285lbs.) But I am finally on my way!

All my bloodwork is completed. My pulmonary function test is completed. My stress test and sleep study are scheduled. Tomorrow morning I go meet Dr. Carter. I'm both excited and nervous!

I completed my consult with Dr. Carter. I will see him again on Feb. 26th. We could not submit the paperwork to my insurance company for approval yet, because I do not go in for my stress test until the 19th. I completed my sleep study-- all went well. I got my results today and found out I have mild obstructive sleep apnea, so they want me to come back in and do another type of study to measure my oxygen while I sleep.

I started my liquid diet. Its hard, but I'm hanging in there

Paperwork submitted for approval. Waiting for an answer.

I just got the call and found out I'M APPROVED!!

Appointment w/Dr. Carter today. Spent an hour talking about surgery, possible complications, recovery, diet, and things I need to do the week before surgery. I call back tomorrow afternoon to find out my date!

I have a date!!! April 12th, 2004. Anyone in the Fayetteville area want to be my angel?

Had my preadmission pre-op appointment today. All went well. One week until surgery!

The night before surgery! Ahhh! I'm down to 280lbs., which I guess is what I'll use as my "before" weight.

Came home yesterday. Feeling ok today. I'm sore, tired, and just drained all around. Still trying to get comfortable.

1 week post-op. What a difference a week makes! I'm feeling like my old self again, and I'm down 10lbs!

I had my staples removed today and officially I've lost 20lbs! Yipee! 4 more weeks of liquids-- I don't know if I'm going to make it!

Feeling awful. It seems I'm getting worse instead of better. I'm having a hard time keeping anything down.

I saw doctor Carter today. He thinks the opening of my pouch has started to close. I will have a scope done on Monday.

I had my scope done today. Dr. Carter said my pouch and opening were way too small. He opened the opening and stretched my pouch. What a difference it has made! I have to go back in 2 weeks to repeat the procedure. Good news-- I lost 40lbs. so far.

I had my second scope done today and I'm happy to say that I'm eating solid food for the first time!

I'm down 53lbs! I'm so excited! The weight loss is slowing down, but I'm still steadily losing. And I finally have enough energy to chase after my kids.

I had my 12 week post-op appointment today. I've been doing so much better since my second scope. I feel fine. I'm eating on a trial and error basis, although small amounts. And I've lost 60lbs. Not bad for 3 months!

I haven't lost anything in weeks, but my plateu finally broke and I've lost another 5lbs. Yipee! I was so worried!

Suddenly the weight is just coming off again. I've lost a total of 75lbs since surgery!

I'm losing slowly, but I finally hit the 200lbs mark!

I've only lost 10lbs in the past 6 weeks, but I'm wearing a size 14 now!

I made it through Thanksgiving with another 5lbs lost! Wow! Only 35 more lbs to go!

I can't believe it! I'm down to 183lbs. My BMI is under 30! Woohoo! Better yet, I finally weight the same as my husband!

I feel like I've been eating non-stop these past couple of weeks, yet somehow I made it through Christmas with another 3lb loss. That makes about 10lbs lost this month, and I'm down to 180lbs.

I'm 9 months post-op today. Finally joined a gym and have been working hard. I lost another 3lbs-- down to 177, a total of 111lbs from my highest weight, 103 since surgery. I was hoping for more this month, but I'm hoping that I'm gaining muscle!

I'm down to 175. Yipee! Only 25 more pounds to goal. Its coming off so slowly now, but at least its coming off. I'm working my butt off in the gym and eating right-- I hope to be close to goal by the end of March because we're going on vacation and I have to wear a bathing suit!

2 more pounds down. Its looking very possible that I'll be in the 160s by the time I go on vacation! I'm also down a size-- to a size 12.

I'm under 170! woohoo! I weigh 166lbs. I've lost 122lbs!!! Thats over 40% of my starting body weight! Gosh, I can't believe I'm almost half the size I was 10 months ago. I've lost a small adult! This has been an excellent month for weight loss. 6lbs down this month already with over 2 weeks to go! My BMI is only 2 points away from the normal range. What a difference from last year at this time, when I was miserably just starting my liquid diet.

Its been a slow month for weightloss. I'm down to 163. I'm only 6 days away from my 1 year surgery anniversary. I can't wait to see the 150's! I was hoping to hit my goal by this time. 13 more pounds to go!

I've been at a standstill this month. I seem to be fluctuating between 160lbs and 163lbs. The 150s are so close, I can taste it. But I just can't seem to get there. I received my approval for a plastic surgery consult today. Turns out I have to go all the way up to Chapel Hill (UNC). Now I have to figure out my husbands schedule and/or daycare arrangements before I can make my appointment. I probably looking at a good 2 hours each way with traffic. *sigh* But I guess I shouldn't complain-- I'd drive to the ends of the earth to have my tummy tuck and breast reconstruction.

After a lot of stress with making my consult appointment, extending my referral, trying to get approved through a non-network provider and a lot of other nonsense, I fianally scheduled my consult for plastic surgery. It will be at UNC Chapel Hill on August 31st. The kids will be in school, and my husband is able to come with me, thankfully.

The scale is finally moving again. Very slowly, but its moving. I've finally hit the 150s!

14 months post op, and weighing in at 156lbs. My size 10 jeans from Old Navy are getting loose!

I did it! I'm in the normal range for BMI! 4lbs lost this month, bringing me to 152. Only 2 more lbs to my goal weight!

I've surpassed my goal weight. I'm down to 146lbs. I am wearing a size 8, and they're not even tight. This feels so weird. I still struggle with image issues, though.

I'm long overdue for an update. I am steady at around 145lbs-- I've fluctuated up and down by a couple of pounds for the past 2 months. I think this is where I'll stay, as it is a comfortable weight for me. I still continue to go to the gym, and I'm working on my toning rather than losing weight. I am wearing a size 6 or 8, depending on how the clothes run. As I type this, I'm wearing a size 6 jeans (Levi Strauss) which makes me very happy :) I had my plastic surgery consult at UNC a few weeks ago. I was told to give it 6 weeks to hear back from them, although I think I'll be calling this week to find out the status and see if I'm approved or not. I am hoping for a tummy tuck, breast lift and implants. Overall, I've been doing really well. With my husband gone and a large amount of stress I have been under I have struggled with my food choices and not turning towards food for comfort. I've "fallen off the wagon" a couple of times, but I know that each day is a new chance to make smart choices.

Ok, so, I've been dealing with the run around with UNC for months now. Their system crashed and my records were lost and they refused to give me a new appointment until they were sure the records couldn't be recovered. Finally, after what seems like forever, I was given a new consult appointment. I go back to UNC on March 15th. I just want this done and over with! I'm at 140lbs and I've pretty much been fluctuating between 139 and 142 for a good 3 months. I feel I'm at a healthy weight and I'm happy here. But I'm still feeling like an unfinished project.

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March 2004 (high weight)-- wow! I didn't even realize how big I was!

May 2006- 2 years post-op, 10lbs lower than goal!

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    Surgeon Info:
    Surgeon: Paul Carter, M.D.
    Dr. Carter has been doing wls since 1977, and I'm confident I chose the right surgeon for me. He also has a way of making you feel really comfortable with him. No question is stupid, and he's willing to take the time to talk to you and adress any concerns. He goes into great detail about what exactly it is that will happen during surgery. After surgery, he is on call 24/7. He will give you his home and cell # if you feel anything is wrong, and will meet you at the hospital ASAP. The downside is that his office is extremely overbooked, and its not uncommon to be seen an hour or more passed your appointment time. My 1st appointment with Dr. Carter was rushed because of this (I waited 4 hours before seeing him and had to get home) and I would have liked to have more time with him.My second appointment was much more thorough and not rushed at all, but I still had to wait an hour. My surgery went well, and I'm so thankful Dr. Carter is my surgeon! His aftercare program has been wonderful. He is very thorough with me, and while I did have one minor complication (a sticture) Dr. Carter was quick to catch it and correct it. I healed very quickly. Dr. Carter has been right there with me every step of the way. I've learned that the waiting time in his office is worth it, because I know he's just making sure every patient gets his full attention and care. I would recommend him to anyone.
    Insurer Info:
    Tricare, Prime
    I never dealt with Tricare directly, other than getting the approval to have my testing done and to be seen off post. Occasionally, when I would call I felt that some people had no idea what they (or I) were talking about, but I was able to get done whatever I needed to do. They were always friendly and helpful. Their requirements for the surgery are a psych exam, nutrition class, and blood work (Dr. Carter requires some more testing), and your BMI must be at least 40. They also want to see past diet attempts. Overall, they were easy to deal with. I was given no hassle about the tests I needed scheduled, being seen off post, and I was approved for surgery first try in less than a week's time.