Alison C.
Somerset, CA, USA
Surgeon - BMI: 40.1
Surgery Type: RNY
Member ID: C1039733209
Surgeon: Mohamed Ali, M.D.

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I'm 41 years old. Mother of two beautiful teenaged daughters. I've been overweight since having them, so I don't have the excuse of "it's baby weight"! I've already had my psych evaluation and I've been referred to U.C. Davis Med Center in Sacramento, but I haven't had my first consultation yet. I'm looking at other physicians in the area who might also be covered under my insurance plan, which is Blue Shield of California.

1/3/02 - I've got an appointment on January 7th to go to my first class at U.C. Davis, which is a prerequisite to seeing my surgeon. I HAVE A DATE TO SEE THE SURGEON on January 24th, Yeppeeee!!!! I thought I would never get over that hurdle. After that first consultation, it's just making sure my insurance will come through for me.

I've had my first consult with my surgeon, Dr. Ali, at U.C. Davis Med Center. I was really impressed by him and the other surgeon I spoke with, and, of course, the office staff was wonderful. I've got additional tests scheduled through the end of February, and my second surgical consult is scheduled for March 7th. I'm on my treadmill every day for at least 30 minutes, trying to get my body ready for surgery. Boy do my knees and feet hurt, though!

Well, I'll keep updating as things occur. This process sure does take a long time, but I'm glad the doctors are making sure everything is a-okay before they go forward!

I have an EGD scheduled for tomorrow by the gastroenterologist. They want to make sure my esophogus is in good condition before surgery, I guess. I've had GERD for a while now and take Prevacid. I hope everything is okay down there. I'm not looking forward to this procedure, but from what I've read on here, it shouldn't be too hard. I'll be under conscious-sedation, whatever that means!! I'd rather be unconscious myself.

I'm not being very patient, I know. I can't wait to see the surgeon again on the 7th. Trying not to get too excited about getting on the surgery schedule for March or April.

Having some weird dreams about surgery and saying stuff while I'm under anethesia. Wonder where that's coming from. I'll update soon.

3-11-03 Went to see my surgeon on Friday for my second visit. All pre-operative testing is completed. I have to go to my regular gastroenterologist today for him to give me the bad news that I've got damage to my esophogus (spelling?) related to my GERD. All the more reason for this surgery. I spoke with the insurance coordinator at the hospital, and she'll be putting in my paperwork some time next week. She's swamped right now, I know, but I sure wish I could get it in faster. Then it's the wait till my insurance approves or whatever. I still feel that it shouldn't be a problem since I've always been really pleased with Blue Shield's policies, thus far.

Anyway, getting very excited and hoping like crazy that surgery is scheduled in March or April, please!!!!

3/31/03 - My surgery is scheduled for April 9th. I go in on April 4th for pre op stuff, then bowel prep on Monday and Tuesday, then surgery on Wednesday. I'm very excited. I'm being taken out to lunch and dinner by everybody and their brother this week, so goodness only knows how much I'll weigh on the day of surgery. I have all my vitamins and protein powder and B-12 and everything else ready and waiting for me at home. The waiting is just driving me nutso at this point, though. Will update again tomorrow, probably!!

4/1/03 - 14 years ago today my beautiful daughter Tiffany was born. Boy, was that an eventful day. I weighed 90 pounds less on that day than I do now. Wow, what a realization that is. My daughter, who is almost six feet tall herself at 14 years of age, only weighs about 125 pounds. She's very thin and very athletic, so I don't compare myself to her in any way. Thankfully my bad eating habits have not rubbed off on my children. I look so forward to my life after surgery when I can play basketball with my girls again and softball and volleyball, go shopping for hours on end and take them to Disneyland and ride ALL the rides. I usually have to sit on the sidelines and just watch, and I'm tired of it. I want to be a participant in life again!!! I know this last few days at work are really going to drag by. So want April the 9th to be here!!!

June 9, 2003. Okay. So I haven't updated in a while. I am now 2 months exactly since my surgery. I am down 54 pounds in that time period. I no longer have to take medication for high blood pressure. I walk four miles a day now without getting tired, whereas before I could barely walk a half a mile without feeling fatigued. I feel ten years younger. I've gone from a size 24/26 or a 3x down to a 18-20 or a 1x and some XLs. I have another 70 pounds that I'd like to lose, and I know it will happen. I've gotten a lot of positive feedback from my family and friends. I have told everybody, and I mean everybody about my surgery. I'm not very good at keeping secrets about myself!!! Plus, it's pretty darned obvious that I'm a lot slimmer than I used to be and happier too. That's the comment I get most often is how happy I seem to be now. I am very, very lucky that I have had no complications and I feel absolutely wonderful. If there is anyone out there that needs support or has any questions, please e-mail me and I will be happy to respond!! I'll be posting a new picture soon.

7/3/03 - Well, I'm almost three months out now. I'm down 67 pounds and feeling great. I'm wearing size 16 tops and size 18 bottoms now. Working out six days a week. Walking 3-5 miles a day. Feeling very healthy and happy. I ready the boards every day and get so much information from everyone out there. I don't post often because I don't really feel I have a lot to add, but I'm always reading!!!

7/31/03 - I'm down 75 pounds as of today. Wearing size 16 pants. I almost cried when I put them on in the store. I picked them off the shelf just on a lark to see how much more I had to go before I could squeeze into them, and lo and behold they slid right over the buttocks and buttoned and zipped. Yeppee!!!! My daughters are very proud of me. Everything still going smoothly. I have weeks I lose and weeks I don't. Some days I just crave carbohydrates like crazy, so I eat them. Most days I stick to protein and veggies and fruit, in that order, and no carbohydrates. Take my vitamins. Drink my water. Walk, walk, walk!!!!! I'm hoping like crazy I am down 100 pounds by my 6-month anniversary. I think I'm right on track. I've sent in a new picture, so hopefully I can compare my before and after pics on line soon. Everyone out there be good to yourselves!

8/4/03 Wow, my new picture is up, and I can't believe the difference in the before and afters!! I know I look at myself every day in the mirror, but sometimes you lose track of what your body's actually gone through. This morning I weighed 228 pounds. I still would like to lose another 48 pounds to be in the healthy BMI range. I feel fabulous these days. I know that when I eat properly and keep the carbohydrates to a minimum, I feel so much better. When I eat something high in carbohydrates these days, I just feel so sluggish for hours afterwards. Isn't that weird? I hope everyone out there is doing great and treating themselves well. Keep up the fight if you're still waiting for surgery, and keep the faith if you're on a plateau. It will break!! Hugs from Alison.

8/22/03 Quick update on how I'm doing. I'm down from 306 at my highest weight to 223 this morning. Yea!!!! I want to get down to 185 so I'll be in my normal range, but I feel fantastic even now. I'm wearing a size 16, which I haven't been able to do for at least 15 years. If I can get into a standard size 12 or 14 in a regular store (Not Lane Bryant), I'll be thrilled to death. I know some folks want to get into size 6 or 8 or 10, but since I'm 6 feet tall, I think my goal for myself is very attainable. Anyway, I hope everyone reading this is doing well. Keep the faith. Whether your weight-loss journey takes the course of surgery or not, I wish you all the best!!!!


Surgeon Info:
Surgeon: Mohamed Ali, M.D.
I haven't met with Dr. Ali yet. I have my first consult on January 24th. I am now post-op. Dr. Ali and everyone else at U.C. Davis was absolutely wonderful. From the surgical staff to the nursing staff to the nutritionist to Judy, the program coordinator, everyone was wonderfully supportive and friendly. I couldn't have been happier with the whole experience thus far. Everyone took their time explaining all the negative and positive aspects of the surgery prior to my having it. After care has been wonderful as well. They are always there to answer any questions I have regarding nutrition, exercise, etc.
Insurer Info:
Blue Shield of California, PPO
My insurance was wonderful. Once I got all of my testing done and saw the surgeon, the staff at the surgeon's office submitted information to my insurance, and within 48 hours I had my approval letters in hand. They faxed my approval that day, and my surgeon called me and gave me a surgery date. If you have Blue Shield of Californai coverage, have all your comorbidities documented, psychiatric evaluation, and dietitian appointments completed before submitting for approval.