Nancy D.
Richmond, VA, USA
Post Op - BMI: 50.1
Surgery Type: RNY
Member ID: D1014587896
Surgeon: Neil E. Hutcher M.D.

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7/17/2002 hi! i am now a little over 3 months post op. at my nurse practitioner visit on 7/10, i had lost 65.5 lbs, and weighed 304.5. i was astounded. in my last post i was talking about going back to work. well, i did, but was so exhausted that i could barely get through the half days, and had to take days off again. i also ended up having an endoscopy and had a diagnosis of gastritis which was making me nauseous all the time. medication fixed that and i have been doing well ever since. i need to exercise more, and i am still trying out what foods will stay down and what wont. chicken turkey and tuna so far have made me toss them back up, ground meat has been good. my knees hardly hurt at all and i feel much more alert and pert than before surgery.

4/26/2002 now 2 weeks and 3 days postop, yesterday i saw the surgeon for my first postop visit. i have lost 20.5 lbs and am feeling great! i weigh 349.5 lbs, and i finally told my husband how much i weigh. he had no idea how much i weighed, and i was and still am kind of embarrassed about it. however, he chose me because (his words) i "had some meat on my bones" and i wasnt a "stick woman" so it is OK. (we met in the BBW chat room on AOL, married 3 yrs later!) i was advanced to softer foods, cereal, cheeses, noodles, vegetables, etc, and i am soooo excited that i dont have to drink that rotten carnation instant breakfast anymore. i was starting to feel like a big milk curd. so, things are moving along, and i am feeling quite good. i go back to work half days on monday (i am a nurse) then full days if i want next week.

4/17/2002 almost 1 week later---i am still uncomfortable trying to sleep..cant find a good spot. BUT i lost the 10 lbs of fluid i gained while IN the hospital, and lost another 5! so today i weigh 365 lbs. amazing. this has given me renewed motivation to NOT want the hotdog with sauerkraut mustard onions and ketchup i keep salivating over.

4/12/2002 well, i came home from the hospital yesterday, 2 days after my WLS on the 9th. Two of my friends from class also had theirs this week too! Michelle Wilson has a page on here, so let her know youre thinking of her!
My doctor said I was the model patient...could get to 2500 cc of air routinely on the incentive spirometer, was walking the halls without problems, etc. I wasnt sleeping well, and still am not, keep waking up and being uncomfortable. I find that I am having the least pain when I am up and about, and walking, so what they said is true! I only need a pain pill when I go to bed. This is excatly how I visualized this all going, so I am not too surprised about how well it IS going. Two of my sisters came to stay w/me for a few days, and they are taking care of lots of the housework, etc, which I really appreciate. Plus, I love their company! I still need lots of rest though, so that's what I am going to do right now. Love to all

PREOP Hello all,
I, like many, have been heavy all my life...178 lbs in the 8th grade, and more weight as the years went on. Struggle after struggle yielded no long-lasting weight loss, so here I am, getting the WLS on Tuesday, 4/9!! I can't wait. I want to get back to riding horses, and hiking with my dogs, I don't want to be a fat old lady with a walker. That is where I was headed before I decided to have the surgery. My knees kill me on a routine basis.

Thank you ALL for all of the prayers, words of support, and generally "being there" for me. I cannot believe how many people have wished me well! It is so gratifying.

Love to everyone, and best wishes in your own search for a better life.

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Surgeon: Neil E. Hutcher M.D.
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