Susan D.
Ardmore, AL, USA
Post Op - BMI: 38.0
Surgery Type: RNY
Member ID: D984805798

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I'm 31 years old and a Family and Consumer Science Teacher (Home Economics). I have been struggling with the process of this surgery for 5 years, off and on. I attended a consultion 5 years ago, however at the time, BCBS of Mississippi had an exclusion policy. So without the support of my family I decided to forgo presuing any other options. I have tried every diet pill and diet known to man since then. I have come full circle. I am now on BCBS of Alabama insurance and I was approved after only 4 days. I am really convienced after prayer that this is for me.

March 19, 2001. My surgery date is sceduled for April 9th, 2001. At this time, I am trying to get my house in order and stock up on things I'll need after surgery. I am really getting excited about the surgery. It seems like the time is going
really slow, but I know it will be hear really soon. I have all next week off for spring break, so I'm going to relax and enjoy my time off. I have been eating like their is no tomorrow. I hate this psychological eating! I have never been this bad before. It's almost like I'm trying to make-up for what I'll miss after the surgery. I got a card today from my aunt and uncle. It really helps having someone support me and believin in me and this surgery. I'm only 3 weeks away from surgery and I just last night told my boyfiend about the surgery. I was really afraid of what he would think, but he was really supportive also! I'll post again closer to surgery time!

March 22, 2001. Yesterday I was diagonosed with a viral infection. I am a little over two weeks away from surgery and I am praying for a full recovery before surgery date! I am still eating like there was no tomorrow! However, I'm still really excited about surgery. I haven't gotten scared yet. I don't know that I will get scared. I feel like that God has opened this door for me and it is the right thing. I am just trusting Him!

March 24, 2001. I have spent a good part of the afternoon reading through profiles on this web-site. I am so glad to find people who understand what I am going through. Today alone I had 3 people e-mail me from this site. It has really helped me having support. The one thing that I have noticed in some of these profiles really concerns me. I see people stating over and over that they have been an observer in life and never a participant because of their weight problem. Most of these people are woman! When in this country are we going to see a change in the attitude of us all?! I work daily in my Family and Consumer Science (Home Economics) class room, trying to change those attitudes, and to let students know that they are beautiful even with weight problems. I see students who bow their heads and never make eye contact when we talk about self-esteem, and good self-concept. I was shocked when I started teaching at the number of teen-age girls, not only with weight problems, but girls that were small who had self-esteem problems. I guess I am a lucky woman. Eventhough, I've been over weight most of my life, I've always felt good about myself and never let my weight stand in the way of anything I ever wanted to do. I decided a long time ago that I would never consciously be a by-stander in life because society would in itself discriminate against me. I was a life-guard for nine years, I teach swim lessons every summer and I own a jet-ski. I have done all of these things no matter how much weight I've put on. I have always been one of those women that makes sure I'm well dressed and look presentable. I can confidently look at my self and know that I'm pretty. Yes, I'm overweight and sometimes I cry after I get dressed, but I that is because I am depressed thinking about how good I could look if I were small. I am not a conceited woman.....I just have a really great concept. I owe that to my parents. My sister and I were told daily how pretty we were by my father. He still does it today. Although, my father isn't not totally for this surgery, he still stands behind my decision 100%. I have said all of this to voice an opinion that I feel so strongly about and to mainly thank my parents for the person I am today. I am 16 days away from surgery!

April 5, 2001. Well I am officially 4 days away from surgery. I haven't had time to get nervous yet, and i still don't think I will ever get nervous. I am totally at peace with the operation. God has given me that peace of mind since the beginning. Everything that I have prayed for about the surgery God, has answered and answered fast! I can only sympathize with others who have had a rough battle with insurance and surgeons; I can not empathize though. Today is my last day at work before surgery. I took Friday off in order to get things finished that need to be finished before surgery. I am so thankful for this web-site and the friends I have made. My angels have been great! Johnny always lifts my spirits and Deb is my cheerleader! I really appreciate both of you! I AM SOOOO EXCITED ABOUT SURGERY! I feel like I will be a free woman after sugery; so much of me has been locked away behind all of this fat on my body. I feel like so many more possibilities will open up for me after weight loss.

April 8, 2001. I am officailly 6 hours away from surgery time. I am still not nervous and I still have peace about this. I have had several phone calls today from my I am lucky that my family and friends support me. I am also so lucky to have met such great friends on this site. Don't let anyone kid you, the worst thing about all of this is the bowel prep! yuk! See you on the other side! I can't wait!

April 15, 2001. Hey Guys I'm posting for the first time as a post-op. Boy does it feel good! I just wish the sailing would have been a little smoother! lol Anything that could possible happen during my hospital stay that could have gone wrong......did! lol I still would do it all again tomorrow, if I had too! I am still having some problems left from too much time under kidney, bowels, and lung problems but I'll live. And I'll look dern good while I'm going about life! I go back to the surgeon Tuesday for the first time and I'll find out then if I've lost any weight. My stomach is still really swollen so it's hard to tell! I'll post again on Tuesday. Thanks for all the support, cards, and letters from the group. My family was really impressed!

May 11, 2001. Well this is the first time I have updated since surgery. I am soooo excited. I have lost 25 lbs. and countless inches in a month. Of course I am human and want to lose more than what I am loosing but I have to remind myself that it's more than I was loosing since surgery. My clothes are getting big and I'm finally back down into clothes that I was wearing 3 years ago. I packed up all of my winter clothes because there should be no way that I can wear them next winter. Now my closet is bare........I guess I had better get to sewing! lol I am so much happier with myself since surgery. My old confidence has returned and people are noticing the weight loss. It was all I could do to hold my tongue in the teacher's lounge the other day when someone was talking about diets and weight loss. Maybe when we return to school in August, I'll be ready to tell everyone what I did. All of my family is still real supportive and they are all really suprized that I haven't been sick very much. My goal is to be under 200 lbs by my birthday July 7th. If it happens it will be the first time in over ten years. I will try to post more as the weight comes off and while I have more time during the summer months.

April 9, 2001. Today is exactly three months from surgery date. I went to weigh in and my nurse didn't recognize me and neither did my surgeon later on when he saw me in the hospital. I have lost 46lbs. and I feel like I am really starting to look better. I get discourage when I see other people who have surgery about the same time as me and have lost way more.......but i just keep reminding myself that my skin want sag as much if I lose it slowly. I have been down on myself lately until today when i weighed and I had lost more than I thought. I'm averaging a little over 15 lbs. a month which is far better than gaining 15 a month, like I did so easily before surgery. I want to be below 200lbs. before school starts back and I'm going to really work hard to achieve that goal. I am going to get really serious about my exercise routine. I have surgery this week on my tonsils, so I figure I'll lose some more just from that pain in the neck! lol

September, 18 2001. It has been a long while since I last posted. I am engaged to be married on October 27, 2001. I have lost a little over 60 lbs. My weight loss is still really slow. I want to lose another 25 lbs. before the wedding and I'm trying really hard. I've had to learn to listen to my body. I do not get sick from sugar or fats very often and therefore this has not solved the problem I hoped it would by having surgery. Last week I sat down and evaluated what I was eating and how much. Eventhough it isn't a lot, I wasn't eating the correct things. I am really paying attention to my body and trying to avoid head hunger. I am really excited about getting married. My future mother-in-law has been approved for wls surgery and she hopes to have surgery before Christmas of this year. When I went back to school, people were really shocked. The people that see me every day notice that I had lost weight but not like the people who hadn't seen me all summer. It felt really good to hear student's wispering in the hallway about me. People have ask me what I've been doing and I just smile and tell them that I've cut my eating way back! lol Some people no about the surgery but most still do not. I am having problems about clothes. I have saved all of my clothes over the years hoping that I would lose weight. However, I am almost out of all of my smallest clothing. I bought my first pair of low-rider jeans this month and it felt great. I still do not have a wedding dress. My mother is making it and we have been putting it off to see how much more weight I'll lose before the wedding. I haven't taken any pictures except of my and my neice when she was born this last month. I will try to scan that picture and get it on the web-site. I really enjoy when people e-mail me from this site. I like to share my information and I'll try to keep my profile updated better in the future.

October 17, 2001. We'll guys I am officially 10 days away from my wedding date. I have lost 72lbs. and I've just come off of a major plateau. People all think I look great, but i still have days where i'm really down on myself. Especially tonight when I tried my wedding dress on. I really wanted to be at least 2 sizes smaller by now and it just didn't happen. Why can't I get married in black makes fat people look better. I have just decided that I want turn sideways the whole night, so that no one can see the whole me! lol Really, I am truely exited about my wedding and the lack of the proper weight loss isn't going to hinder my life. I know that Glenn will love me know matter what. He loved me before surgery, so I know he'll love me at any size. I'll post again after the honeymoon!
March 21, 2002 Okay, so I didn't post after my honeymoon! I have been really busy with the married thing and I've also gotten really disgusted. I stopped losing any weight at all shortly before my wedding date. I have now begun to gain weight again. I have found out that my surgeon only made my pouch 3oz, instead of 1 oz. and it hasn't worked for me. My surgeon has sent me to a specialist in nutrition and behavior counseling in the WLS field. I have been pretty depressed until yesterday when I saw the nutritionist. He assured me that I didn't fail.......that the surgery failed for me. He agreed that the surgery would have to be revised inorder for me to lose any more weight at all. So I'm hopin that after spring break I'll get to see my surgeon again about a revision date. I promise to post again after I have a decision regarding surgery. Let me make one thing clear, I still believe in the surgery and believe that it is the best thing for anyone in a severe weight problem situation.
April 9, 2002 Today is my one year aniversary. One year and I'm looking at a revision. I see the surgeon this week to discuss the revision and to schedule surgery. I hate the thoughts of going throught the surgery and recovery process again but anything is better than being overweight the rest of my life!