Becky G.
Toledo, OH, USA
Post Op - BMI: 58.1
Surgery Type: Duodenal Switch
Member ID: Goodrich965541891
Surgeon: Douglas S. Hess M.D.

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I've lost 186 lbs so far since 4/15/03. It's been an increadible journey! I am THRILLED with my life. My story follows.

I was scheduled to have surgery almost 3 years ago. But my life situation was undergoing some major changes. Now, it's finally my time!!

I'm a mother of 4 beautiful children, but I've been overweight since my first pregnancy. I want to be here for my children and they grow up. I want to live life, something I'm not doing now.

My date has changed!!! Dr. Hess called and asked me to do the surgery on the 15th of April, and to allow him to video tape the procedure to use at a surgical conference. In exchange.. I'll have NO upfront fee's or co-pay!! WOW.. I jumped on the chance to be sure!!!

I'm switched!!! I am through surgery.. and home healing...

I am now.. 5, almost 6 weeks, post-op. I've lost 39 lbs so far. I've had a lot of nausea, but Dr. Hess gave me some medicine for it, and I feel great now!! I can eat about 3-4 oz of food at a time. It's amazing! My family is getting used to getting my left overs. ehhehe. In the first few weeks I hurt so bad, and it was so hard to eat that I was really regretting my choice. But now, nope.. not at all! I have no gas or Bowel problems, even though I eat anything I want.

I'm almost 3 months out now, and have lost 69 lbs so far! To me it's hard to see.. but I can feel it! I can walk for well over an hour now when out shopping, where before I couldn't last a few minutes without sitting down. I can eat almost everything, except pasta - it seems to make my stomach bloat and hurt. I worry about eating too much now, even though it's still drastically less then ever before! My yearning for sweets has dimished, I find myself mostly eating meat and salads with lots of cheese, boiled eggs, ham and tons of ranch dressing!! I eat 2 eggs and 4 pieces of bacon almost daily. That sounds like soooo much to me! But I find I eat slowly... I may take up to 30-45 min to finish a meal. The urge to just stuff myself has gone away. I'm not dieting, and I keep telling myself that this ISN'T a diet. When I saw my Dr. a week ago I was so afraid he was going to be upset at me and tell me I hadn't lost enough. (talk about mental baggage eh?) But He was pleased, and really happy for me that I was feeling so good and having no problems eating things. Especially salads, which some people have trouble with this early out. I love my daily salad tho - I think it's my body wanting the veggies as that's pretty much the only vegitables that I eat anymore. I've so far to go... I can't wait to see where I'll be in a year.. 2 years.. and more!

As of last week I had lost another 8lbs.. putting me at a lost of 78 lbs!! My BMI has dropped to 45.5 now, from 58.1 or soemthing. I want to loose 22 more lbs by Sept 15th, to make it a goal of 100 lbs lost in my first 6 months! Hmm... my average is only about 10 lbs every 2-3 weeks, so I'm not sure if I'll get there.

I feel like I'm eating less and less lately - almost like my stomach has gotten smaller. It's very weird.

Wow, I've been at the same weight for a month now. It's a bit disturbing, but yet, the picture difference is a lot. I know I'm noticing the changes in jean sizes! Gads.. I've gone down..6 sizes so far. I'm starting to what I consider look more average... I don't feel like everyone is staring at me anymore. I walk faster and lighter, and am VERY pleased with my progress so far. Heck.. this month will be my 6 month mark, and I've lost 80 lbs!!! I can in NO way complain. I'm half way to my goal even! I have started drinking GNC Mega Whey protien drink.. once or twice a day. Really seems like my body likes it, and now I know I'm getting all the protien I need now.


I found this picture of me the day I left for the hospital... gawd I look so sad in it. It breaks my heart to think about how I used to feel. The picture on the right was last month.. with my two youngest children. I look much happier don't I? And to think I was frustrated and laughing cuz they were pestering me to be in the picture too! Life has changed so much for me lately... the emotional side is wonderful, but I carry a lot of pity for the person I used to be. Maybe even some anger.. cuz nobody helped me feel better or tried to really understand the me I used to be.. and ultimatly I had to do this, surgery and all, for myself. Anyways...

I'm finally losing again after almost 2 months!! I've lost another 5 lbs.. and am now at 275. :) That makes my loss mmm....85 lbs!

Weighed myself on the 15th.. for my 7 month weight, and I'd lost another 2 lbs. So I now weigh 273! Yikes.. only 13 more lbs to my 100 loss mark!!

Another 3 lbs gone.. now exactly 270 lbs and 0 oz. WOWZA! I am... boggled and excited! 90 lbs gone!

I am exactly 1 lb from 100 lbs!!! How exciting or frustrating is that??? I weigh 261 lbs 0 oz.

YAY!! I blew past the 100 lb mark! I'm at 257 lbs 15 oz! Even with eating xmas cookies!!

Happy soon to be new year! weight is now: 251 lbs 15 oz.

weight is: 247 lbs 6 oz. I just broke my 3rd of 4 goals.. that is to be less then 250!! It has been about 14 years since I've weighed this much.

My weight is now 242 lbs 3 oz. Scary things are happening as my body fades away - bones are begning to show! My hip bones are still a fascination for me. Oddly I'm finding I don't like the way my face looks... it's not me anymore in the pictures! I always liked my round cheeks, and now.. I just look older I think. I dunno. I've been doing lots of walking and hiking... yesterday I did a 2.5 miles hike with lots of hills. Pretty amazing for the woman who couldn't even walk across the parking lot last year at this time! This surgery has changed my life so drastically.

One more month to my 1 year anniv.!! Wow.. it's hard to imagin this past year.. and all the changes that have gone on in my life! My weight today was: 236 lbs 9 oz. Yikes. I managed another 10 lb month! Making up for not losing anything really in january. I can definitly see a difference from when i eat lots of carbs to eating hardly any. BBQ chicken wings have become my staple lately!! If not those.. I've been eating spicy hot wings. YUM! No more pasta tho.. that kills me!

Welcome to summer!! I actually went to the beach in my bathing suit and didn't feel so WEIRD!!! I'm in a size 20... which is down from like 30-32.. and I now weigh 221 lbs 5 oz.

213 lbs 11oz ~ Loving my life!

199 lbs 2oz ~ WOW I hit my goal weight now, even though it wasn't a really low goal it is where I told myself I wanted to get to!! I'm sure at 17 months out I'll lose more.. but WOW! I am happy. :)

I've decided my new goal is to lose 200 lbs. My weight today was 189 lbs 4 oz. So... only 19 lbs to go!! YEeeehaaaaa. Life is amazing. I had to stop taking welbutrin, it was killing my insides. Not sure if the side effects were worse because of the surgery or just that I am one of the few to have side effects, but I was having terrible stomach aches all day long and was starting to regret surgery. Almost not even thinking it could be caused by something else. Finally I did though, deciding to go off my meds for a bit and see if it helped. Sure enough it did. So now I am back to feeling great, hardly EVER a stomach/gut ache... and I have even adventured out into a full time job without having any problems from the bypass. Life is good. Guys constantly flirt and hit on me! I'm so not used to the attention. I also had to start trying smaller clothes, a lady i work with said my clothes were hanging off me. hehe. So I'm down to a size 16!!! OMG. Mental block on that size! 19 lbs to go.... now I sound like a skinny person who whines because they want to lose 10 lbs! But folks who never knew me before are just AMAZED when I say i've lost 170 lbs in the less then the past 2 years. I have to carry a picture of before just so they really believe me. Damn I need a tummy tuck tho!! Plastic surgery is HIGH on my priority list for next year.

current weight: 186 lbs 3 oz.

Current weight: 174 lbs 1 oz. I have lost MORE then I weigh. What a strange concept!

todays weight: 173 lbs 2 oz.


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    Surgeon Info:
    Surgeon: Douglas S. Hess M.D.

    Insurer Info:
    Medical Mutual of Ohio, Super Med Plus
    You have to supply them with a 5 year weight history to gain approval. SO do this right from the start to save the time of them responding by asking for it. :-) They were very friendly to work with, and was no problem.