Marri G.
Tomball, TX, USA
Post Op - BMI: 49.3
Surgery Type: RNY
Member ID: Grissom978581960
Surgeon: Voravit Wongsa

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I am almost 30 and have two children. I have been trying to diet over the past 5 years without any longterm success. Someone close to me recently had a gastric bypass and is losing weight and looking wonderful. Because of this person, I have a lot of knowledge about the surgery and I am looking forward to my first consultation which is sceduled Jan. 17th. I will update more then.

17 Jan 01
I had my initial consultation today, and they were very nice. NeWeigh has everthing down pat, they ask you questions about your health and make sure they get all the info they need for their records and to help with the approval from your insurance. Now I am going to have some lab work done on Saturday and will update then.

22 Jan 01
I had to find Bellaire hospital to check in for my sleep test to check for sleep apnea. Then I had my blood work done this morning. Hopefully I will get my results Wednesday when Dr. Ferrari is in the office again.

24 Jan 01
NeWeigh would not give me my levels!!!! They told me if anything was wrong Dr. Ferrari would let me know.
I called Dr. Wongsa today and made an appointment for 26 Jan 01.

25 Jan 01
Changed my appointment to 01 Feb 01.

31 Jan 01
Called NeWeigh today and the insurance packet still has not been sent! Can't wait to meet Dr. Wongsa.

01 Feb 01
Met Dr. Wongsa today, it was a nice change to be around such a thorough and concerned physician. He made sure I knew the benefits AND the downsides for the surgery. He will send my insurance packet by Monday.

12 Feb 01
Ruth from Dr Wongsa's office called.....INSURANCE APPROVED!!!!! scheduled surgery for 5 Mar. Called Dr Murillo to schedule a fit for surgery approval.

13 Feb 01
Joined 24 Hour Fitness today with my best friend. Made an appointment for more testing(upper GI and Ultra sound) for the 20th and confirmed surgery date.

14 Feb 01
Appointment with Dr. Murillo successful! Need more blood work tomorrow. fun,fun,fun! Pre op appointment scheduled for 27 Feb 01.

16 Feb 01
Changed date of Pre-Op to 20 Feb.

20 Feb 01
Had my testing at Cy-Fair Hospitol today. I had an ultra sound, Upper GI, and my pre-op interview w/blood work and chest x-ray. Everything went without a hitch except for the last x-ray, it took an hour before that was completed. Next time I go there is for surgery!

5 Mar 01
Went in for surgery and had lost 17lbs!! Was wondering why I was having the sugery. After I remembered why, gladly got into my gown and got my IV and happy drugs. The next thing I remembered was waking up in the room and my mother, husband, and best-friend were all there. I was moved into a private room that night.

7 Mar 01
Released from the hospital. Yeah!!!

13 Mar 01
Went for my first follow-up appointment. 310lbs!!!! Can now go to the gym and work out and get back on track with my life. Start back to work on the 23rd.

16 Apr 01
Just writing a note to say I am doing great! I go to the gym almost everyday. the only problem is the fact that I can't seem to get enough caloric intake to keep moving all day. I planning in bringing this up on next Tuesday when I have a appointment with Dr Wongsa.

Weight when approved:
lbs: 334
BMI: 50.8

Pre op:
lbs: 317
BMI: 48.4

13 Mar
lbs: 310
BMI: 47.4

4 Apr
lbs: 298
BMI: 45.5

16 Apr
lbs: 287
BMI: 42.4

30 May
lbs: 260

Surgeon Info:
Surgeon: Voravit Wongsa
I first went to NeWeigh and thought it was a good place. With in a week they had misinformed me and got rather short when I started to ask questions about the possibilty of a different hospital because of the complaints I had heard about Bellaire. They were procrastinating getting my package sent to my insurance for approval so I started to look for another doctor. Then a friend of mine told me about DR. Wongsa. HE IS WONDERFUL!!! He makes sure you understand the benifits AND drawbacks for the surgery and makes sure you are still going to go through with it. It is nice to feel like I have a concerned doctor it finally gives me peace of mind to know I will be care for.
Insurer Info:
United healthcare, choice plus