Caroline H.
Blue Springs, MO, USA
Post Op - BMI: 41.1
Surgery Type: RNY
Member ID: H1013044121
Surgeon: Daniel C. Fabito M.D.

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I worked to get this lined out for almost 2 years.. The first insurance I had denied me flat out. Then My husband got a Different insurance Company and it had an unbelieaveable amount of red tape But they did approve me after I fulfilled all their requirements. They are paying 85% minus a $200 deductable, which will still leave me with quite a bit to pay. After Waiting almost 2 years When I finally got approvial they had a cancelation and I got in in only 3 weeks and 3 days. You think you will never get it and that It is a lost cause and just when you give up they say Ok 3 weeks sound good to you.. Well Yes of course it did

I am setting here, trapped inside this shell of fat. I have broken out of this shell only once in my adult life and then only for a very short time. Just long enough to have a small taste of what it is to be normal.

I am a Horse trainer and I can no longer ride Young horses, I am too heavy for anything under 3 years old. I had an assistant doing that for me but I have lost her (She Moved). I give riding lessons which I can still do, but I am so heavy I am even hurting the adult horses backs, even though I have a special saddle to prevent pressure spots.

I am also a hunter, I have a Tree climber that I can still use because it is designed for the overweight American. I ride ATV's and Motorcycles. I keep my house clean, and my barns. I have a large vegetable garden in summer.

I am so Busy with riding lessons I have started having to keep a calendar and look at it everyday. I have one horse that is Just about perfect, but I am too heavy for him and he bucks with me. This is really effecting my life, I can not win at horse shows because I look like a big pear setting on my horse. And Do not tell me that makes no difference. The picture is me on my sisters big Spotted Saddle Horse Snubby at a horse show last year.. My BMI is 40, I think..

I need to get some of this off My horse business is taking off, and I am dragging it back, I am tired all the time, a need to set a lot, I can not stand for long periods. I want to rest and sleep a lot. But I am not sleeping excessively anymore because I do not have time to. I went out opening morning of Deer season and Killed the first Doe that came a long, I was in the woods about 1/2 hour, compared to the entire season every other year. I have 2 more permits, but I did not go back. I did not go Head Hunting, which means I am really sick.

Thank You.

4-16-2003 I am post op now one week. I love the surgery so far. I have already lost about 25 pounds. It was much more painful than I had expected, but I had some problems with pain killers. Morphene was haveing about as much effect as water.. When we got me on some good drugs. ;-) It was much easyer. I had a few hospital horrors, but those appear to be the norm these days.

I feel better every day and I get My staples out Friday. Man I think Staples in your skin outside hurt worse than stitches, but then you have to look to the end result and not complane about the trip.. it was today before I had a "normal" BM. everything before this was loose. I am still a bit too sore to push so I took a little Milk of Maganisa to help things along.


Almost 4 weeks post op now. I still feel good. The hole from the stomach drain is finally closeing up. I have a small open spot at the top of my incision, and it appears to be finally closeing as well. My BM's are much more normal than I expected.. I go every morning just like before, except it is a much smaller amount. and it is softer. I can drink more than I expected, but my body is haveing to learn to do without as much as I used to drink. I am sleeping 8 hours now compaired to 12 or so before. I have noticed a large improvement in my breathing. I can get so much more air, and my sinus are doing better as well. I have lost about 40lbs already and wishing my 8 weeks were up so I could ride horse. And work in the garden..

10-22-03 The second Photo below is my 6 month post photo.. if you will notice you can see the front of the saddle is in front of my stomach, instead of my stomach being in front of it. I am at 7 and 1/2 months now and yesterday I bought a pair of size 16 pants. It took all I had not to squeel in wal mart. LOL.. All my cloaths are finally so big now that they look bad on me. I have been sticking it out, not being able to find anything I like at good will, but i am going to have to start getting new cloaths now for sure. The bibs in the picture were got for me by my mother-in-law. They are a size 20, which was quite an improvement over a size 24 to 26.. The energy level is amazing.. and guys are looking my way again. which, is making my husband want to work closer to home. lol. I now weigh 211, which is a far cry form the 278 i started at. If I had to I would have this surgery again in a heart beat. it is so worth it.. But My stomach is so dang big now it is out of place with the rest of my body. I can not wait to get rid of it.. If the stomach were gone i could finally pass for "normal" which is all any of us obese people really want. I guess I have to wait till one year post op cause that is what the Dr's reccommend.


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    Surgeon Info:
    Surgeon: Daniel C. Fabito M.D.
    I finally met Dr. Fabito. He met with 3 of us at once, and he answered all our questions. He did a drawing of what he was going to do and explaned what goes wrong sometimes. One lady who was there was getting her's fixed, that another surgeon had done and the staples had come loose. Dr. Fabito uses a stronger and better method of stapeling. He fixes a lot of other Dr's messes. I am glad I have him for a Surgeon. I was afraid about the mortality rate, but his is only 0.17% and he said that the reason the surgery is so high risk is because the patients are high risk. That the ones who wait until they are in bad health before getting the surgery give the surgery a high risk status. I am still in good health so my risk are the same as any major surgery would be. He is a very busy man, we had to wait.. But I told Ida that most of us had waited over a year (almost 2) fighting our insurance so what was an hour or so waiting on the Dr.. His office is very busy, but they will get you what you need if you keep after them. He is not extreem in after care, Your office visits are not extensive. But he does want to keep an eye on you after. He seems to like helping people, and he is a Dr. who really does this surgery and fixes past surgerys to help people in need. A lot of Dr's are getting run out of WLS because the malpractice insurance is so high. We had better hope he can afford to keep helping people. Well I had my surgery a week ago, and I have no complants. He has a good bedside manner, and he was conserned that my pain meds were not right and got them lined out. He made rounds every day and one day he was there twice. I think he did a wonderful job and I am looking forward to being a normal human ..
    Insurer Info:
    Operating Engineers Local 513 Welfare Fund, Healthlink
    They make you get a psychiatric evaluation, which was easy for me. they require you have lots of aches and pains.. I have bladder incontinence and Back Pain. They require tons of red tape and it took over a year to get all the red tape through, but they approved without the need for an appeal. Of course New Start Made sure I had filled out all the stuff and did everything they wanted before applying. It took me almost a year and 1/2 so I would say they stall a lot. Be persistant. and pray a lot .