Deb K.
Huntington, WV, USA
Post Op - BMI: 23.9
Surgery Type: RNY
Member ID: K1021295514
Surgeon: Charles Goldman, M.D.

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My surgery date is scheduled for Oct 14, 2002 at Cabell Huntgington Hospital..

12-3-02..It's been awhile since I last updated...I had my surgery on 10-14-02 with Dr. Goldman and everything went great!!!!!I've lost around 35lbs and 23in all over..I'm so pleased...I have about 55 lbs to go to hit my goal of 140...My bmi dropped down to 36 on my last office visit and my bp is 60/120...All and all it has been a wonderful experience in my life along with caring family, doctors, nurses and support group meeting, I have meet alot of wonderful people..I wouldn't change a thing. I'll try and update on a regular basis from on.

Hi everyone!!! Just wanting to update.. As of today I have lost
51 lbs!!!!!! Can you believe it..It's sometimes hard for me to believe...I feel really good..I've had some trouble with kidney stones but thats about it.. I haven't shopped for any new clothes or anything yet, I'm wearing some clothes my mom gave me...Most of them are 16/18 and they are a little big..I'm not buying new clothes till spring, I should be at goal by then..130 lbs.....yahooooooooooo!!!!!!Hope everyone is well and any with questions or concerns please ask away....
Thanks for reading!!!

Hi everyone!!!! Just wanted to update...I've lost a total of 55lbs since surgery, but only 4lbs since my last posting in January...Sometimes if seems like everyone is losing way faster than me.. I asked the nurse about this and she says I'm right on track, due to me barely meeting the 100lbs criteria that I'll lose a little slower than some...I want to have lost the complete 100lbs by April!!! Most everyone that I know that has had the surgery has lost 100 lbs in their first 6 months...
My husband says give it time, you're doing fine...I'm wearing 14/16 now and I only weigh myself 1x a month instead of everyday like I was doing before...I know the weight will come off and I'll keep doing what I'm doing..This is still the best thing I've done and wouldn't change it for anything!!1
thanks for reading!!!!!!!

Hello everyone!!!!! just a little of today I've lost 70lbs...i wear 11/12 or 13/14 pants and med to large shirt..this is wonderful...i'm losing a little slow i think but i'm still losing...i have about 35lbs to go to reach goal...i'm shooting for july to reach goal but if it takes longer that's ok...i walk alot and the inches are really moving...i'll update more later
thanks for reading!!!!!

Hello everyone. Just a little update. It's been awhile. As of today I have lost a total of 83lbs, I am 18lbs to my goal of 130.
I wear a 9/10 in pants, med top, and my shoe size went down to a 61/2 or 7 from a size 81/2. Yes, I'm loving it. I still walk quite a bit. I feel wonderful!!!!!!!!!!
To all those out there that are losing a little slow, that's ok, you are LOSING. I was wanting to have the whole 100lbs gone by April but it didn't happen, but that's ok, everyone loses at their own pace. Mine is just a little slower. Sometimes I still can't believe that I've lost so much weight, I look and feel like a different person. I will have b4 and after pics once I reach goal.
Keep losing!!!!!!!
Thanks for reading!!!!!!!!!

Hello All. Just a little update. Went to support group last nite and they asked me to give a testimonial in front of everyone. Boy was I neverous. But I did it and and I was proud to do it. I would never had done anything like that before because of the way I looked and the weight.
As of today 143lbs...Total loss of 87lbs in 10 months, not to shabby. I love it. about 18 lbs to go and then I'm done.
Thanks for reading.

October 21, 2003
It was my 1 year anniversary to the other side on 10-14-03. I've lost 94 lbs. I now weigh 136. I wear a size small shirt or sweater and an 8 petite in pants. I walk 3x a week and do areorbics 3x a week also. Never have I felt this good in my life. My family thinks I'm too thin. I tell them for my height 5'3", I'm just right. They have never seen me at this weight before other than when I was a child. I'm concentrating on maintaining my current weight and toning up. I have my 1 year follow-up Nov 11, 2003. I'm also wanting to have a tummy tuck.
That's my goal for 2004. I wouldn't change a thing.
I'll put up pics soon.
Thanks for reading!

February 1, 2004
Wow, It's been 16 months since my WLS surgery and my how things have changed. I weigh between 134 and 139, I'm a size 6p or 8p in pants, and a small shirt. My show size now is between a 6 or 61/2. It's funny to me how small my feet are. I went to see a wonderful plastic surgeon, Dr. Faltous. I'll be having a tummy tuck and implants. I never thought I would ever need implants, but like the rest of me, I've lost alot. I will also have a hysterectomy with it due to some female problems, that will be done by my ob/gy.
My plastice surgeon says he will remove about 10 lbs of excess skin from my tummy. Yes, it's kinda of yucky. I should then weigh about 125lbs or so and be able to wear a very, very, NICE
bikini, yes I did write the word Bikini!!!!!!!!! Never have I've worn one in all my days. But this year is the year for me!!!!
I'll update again later.
Thanks for reading!!
See Ya, Deb

Hi everyone, I just got approved for my tummy tuck today. Boy were they quick!!!! I'm so excited I can barely sit still. They approved my tt within like 2 weeks. I'll have to get my house in order and all. So to my way of thinking, I'll be having my surgery real soon. I'll update again later and will have pics posted sometime soon.
Thanks for reading!

Hi everyone, Just a little update. As you know my tt was approved, but I have to pay $6500 out of pocket for my breast lift and implants. Yes, it's a little expensive but I think it will be well worth it. The hysterectomy, tt, and breasts will all be done at the same time. I'm just waiting on a date that both surgeons (Clark ob/gyn and Faltous ps) can get together and plan my surgery. I hope it's soon becase I'm ready to go!
Thanks for reading!

Hi everyone! Good news, I have a surgery date for hysterectomy, tt, breast lift. It's on 4-15-04, not that far away. The 2 surgeons had to get their surgery block together. It will give me enough time to get my house in order and all. I should been able to go back to work hopefully by the end of May. Just depends on how fast I heal. I'm very excited about the tt and breast lift. The other is do to my health and I have to have it. I will feel so much better once I have the hysterectomy.
Thanks for reading.

Hi eveyone! Just a few more days until my surgery. The weight is still the same. I'm excited and nervous at the same time.
Thanks for reading

Hi everyone! Just a quick note. My house burnt down a few hours after my last post on 4-9-04. My surgery was postponed until June 3, 2004. Everyone is fine, but everything else is gone. We have leased another house for the time being until the house can be rebuilt. Will update about sugery later. Weight and size the same. Will change big time after surgery.
Thanks for reading!

Hi everyone! Just a little update. It's been a few months since my last posting. I had my surgery in late June and it took 13 weeks before I could return to work. I did not have the boob lift or implants, thank the lord. The tt and hysterectomy almost did me in. Everything now is going fine. Hopefully my house will be finished by Nov or DEC 2004. I wear a size 3/4 in pants and small in shirt or sweater. I weigh around 120 to 125lbs. The doctor wants me to gain about 8lbs, but I told him I'm fine with this weight.
Thanks for reading.

Hi everyone!!!!
It's been awhile since my last update...It's now February 7, 2005 and I should be in my house in less than 2 weeks...THANK THE LORD!!!! Everything is about the same...I weigh around 118 and wear a 1 or 3 and small or extra small top...BUT that's all gonna change because I AM having my boobs done on March 29, 2005. I thought I was done with this surgery thing but this is the very last one. My husband really doesn't want me to have them done but I really do. They look AWFUL!!!!! and I'm not even playing. I can't wait... It will be outpatient and I'll be off from work for about 1 week... I'm really excited about it...I've spent this much time and energy into looking like what I wanted and this will complete me...
Thanks 4 reading
Update again soon
See ya

May 24, 2005
Hello everyone. Well I didn't have my boobs done after all. At this point my body could not take another surgery right now. My blood is too low and sugars too high and not enough potasium (that's misspelled for sure) so back to lots of viatims and b12 and eating better.. I've gained about 6 pounds and now weigh about 124 or 125... It will be 3 years in Oct 2005. The gaining of those pounds is torment for me, but I guess my body needed a little extra. Haven't been working out at the gym much. I'll be starting back in a few weeks, once my blood is built back up. Everyone take care.
Thanks for reading

November 7, 2005
Hello eveyone.. just a little update... i've GAINED weight:( I weigh around 135 to 137... so i've gained about 10lbs since May 2005. I've started back to working out, walking, lifting weights, yoga, and Tai Chi... this weight gain is killing me... i want to lose 8 lbs... everyone says that i look good, but they said the same thing when i weighed 250lbs.. so i'm just gonna work out hard and stop eating... i can eat anything now and i don't get sick or feel yucky or anything so ive been eating... i've started eating soups and salads only..with a few boiled eggs thrown in for good measure... i'm scared to death the my weight will just go up and up... i have to lose those pounds...i'm gonna do it the right way.. eat less and EXCERSIZE:).... thats the key... get moving and stay moving... well anyway... thanks for reading
see ya

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    Surgeon: Charles Goldman, M.D.
    I went to Dr. Goldman January 2002.. He is great...I tells it like it is..I really like him..He did my surgery on Oct 2002..It took about 1 1/2..everything went great!!!! His office staff and especially his nurse Pam are WONDERFULL!!!!!!!He's very much into following all post-op and pre-op instructions to a T, you have to do this to get the best results. They have a wonderful stuctured before and aftercare program along with a support group that meets 1x a month for anyone interested in surgery, having surgery, waiting on approval, or already had surgery.. It is open for everyone!! Everything about my WLS surgery experience was great and I'm getting the results I've always wanted. There is alot of pain in the beginning but it's worth in the long run...
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    Blue Cross, ppo