Alexandra P.
Peoria, AZ, USA
Post Op - BMI: 30.3
Surgery Type: RNY
Member ID: P1028022151
Surgeon: Hilario Juarez M.D.

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Sept.6,2002 consult with Dr. Hilario Juarez.
Now in the process of getting off medication so that I may have the surgery. If you have sarcoidosis or are on prednisone and or methotrexate please email me.
10/3/02....I am approved by Aetna!!!!!!
I have a date!!! Feb.10,2003...I will be at St. Lukes Medical Center in Phoenix located at 1800 E. Van Buren St. My surgeon is Dr. Hilario Juarez. The Surgery is for 3:00 PM. Dee Real is my angel.
2/17/03......Okay, sorry all my surgery has been postponed until June 12, 2003. I need to get off prednisone after all. And the methotrexate. My potassium was low too the day I was supossed to have surgery.
I was almost in the surgery room.I had done all the bowel prep and pre op tests and was ready as I would have ever been. I was all hooked up to IV's when they ran tests. Dr. Juarez was concerned enough for my health to tell me he was not comfortable about this surgery while I was on the meds. and not in such good shape. I am fine with our decision. I have to get as healthy as I can. I don't feel depressed and I trust my Dr.
Alright, I am working on a healthier me! I will keep you all updated.
UPDATE.........I saw my surgeon on Saturday Feb. 22,2003. he called me in to the office to tell me he is giving me a new date!!! he decided it was going to be all right to proceed after some research. So My offical new date is ......
MARCH 5, 2003. I will be at St. Lukes in Phoenix,Arizona.
Yikes what a roller coaster. I will keep you all updated!
March 5th, 2003...I had my surgery. I did all right. I was still low on potassium but I made it thru. I came home March 8th. Things are getting better each day! I am on luquids as of now.
June 15, 2003 I have lost 71 lbs now. I am off all my blood presure meds. I had to have two scopes and dilations because of stricture but I am all right now and can eat almost anything. I work out 3 times a week and life is good. I am shrinking and now even the "skinny" clothes I had in my closet are getting to big. I am going to have to get something that fits now! I still don't feel like I have lost anything and I still see a fat woman when I look in the mirror but I am sure that is going to change. I am working on it!
August 5th, 2003......5 months since surgery. I have lost 95 lbs now. Now none of my skinny clothes from my closet fit and I am doing wonderful. I am down to a size that I have not been in 18 years or more. Life is wonderful. I can eat almost anything within reason. I have been to chicago and Las Vegas since surgery and eating was not a problem. I find I make good choices now. The most wonderful thing is my health is improving. I have had 2 major flare ups of my disease since surgey....but I have been able to get thru it all and still walk!!! With only one dose of pain meds I am exstatic about it.
No more blood pressure meds either. Life is good since surgery. I have 55 more lbs to lose now and thats it. I will have met the drs goal. now I am so looking forward to a Paniculectomy. The skin on my tummy is sagging awful....YUKK! And my boobs are killing my collerbones now. I hope to have them lifted and made smaller too! People walk right by me that know me now that have not seen me in a while it's so funny. Then they just are shocked!!! :)
October 7, what a difference a year makes!!!
I am now down 109 lbs since march 5th.
People don't recognize me anymore and I can wear normal sized clothes! health is good and I still have Scarcodosis flare ups but nothing like I was having. I am on no pain meds or prednisone now. No methotrexate or anything else. The only thing I take now is thyroid meds! Life is awesome. I have more energy then I have had in a long time. I am no longer depressed either and have not taken meds for that since March. 189 looks good on me!



Surgeon Info:
Surgeon: Hilario Juarez M.D.
Hello, I saw dr Juarez on Sept.6. I found him to be a nice man and a very carefull surgeon. You have to be prepared with questions when you go in. I got all of what I needed answered by him. He took the time we needed even though I know there were at least 12 people in there to see him in rooms and in his office. He went over all my medical records with me and recomended on the side of caution because of my medical record. He explained all his reasons for discontinuing meds I am on and why he wanted to do the open instead of lap on me. He addresses all the risks of surgery and all the risks of a patient on prednisone. His office staff in person are better then on the phone. I think they are way too busy as the day progresses. Unfortunatly, here in Phx. the doctors are so very busy with this surgery. The wait for surgery will be 5 months at least after a consult with Dr Juarez. The wait for a consult for me was from calling in May till one open in Sept. Four months total wait just till consult. They are overworked because of huge patient loads. You just have to be patient. I will update as I know more.
Insurer Info:
Aetna UShealthcare, PPO
I didn't have any problems my faxed in all the paper work to Aetna. They were as prompt as they could be it took them 9 days to approve this. I dont think they stalled they were working as fast as they could. I recommend that you have all your records up to date and current. I submitted 2 yrs. med. records and 2 yrs. diet info. Letters from my PCP and specialist were helpful. Make for sure all your info is clear and to the point. Maybe since it was a PPO plan it was eaiser for me?