Beverly P.
Stockton, CA, USA
Surgery date scheduled - BMI: 53.3
Surgery Type: RNY
Member ID: P1051788815
Surgeon: Patrick Coates

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I have Medical for insurance and can you tell me if they will pay for my surgey.I'm morbidly obese,sleep apnea,clinnical depression,shortness of breath,leg & foot pain,tendonitis ,arthritis,asthma,degenerating discs in lumbar spine,joint pain,allergys,hip pain,headaches,high BMI, buritis.

Hi, I'm going to the Gastric Bypass seminar 7/9/03 and I now have A Doctor (Dr. Coates in Modesto,CA). I hope it will be up hill from here.

Yes, I'm so HAPPY my Surgery Date is 3/05/04 with Dr. Coates

Tuesday 2/10/04 Went to my Patient Education Appointment.

Thursday 2/12/04 went and had my Ultrasound done.
I'm on my way.

Wednesday 3/3/04 Had my Lab work & my EKG done this Morning. Saw Doctor Coates today for my Pre-Op, Lost 20 pounds on the Soy Protein diet. Everything is looking good.

Thursay 3/04/04 Today is the Bowel Prep Day, Not Bad, the taste isn't bad at all. Tomorrow is the BIG

Well I'm back and everything went great. I feel great too.The first week on water,broth & jello was more than I could take, but I made it thru it. Now comes the good part real food. My first egg was just heaven!! I want to thank all of you that wished me luck on my surgery, "THANK YOU" "THANK YOU" "THANK YOU"

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  • (Manteca, CA) - Doctors Hospital Of Manteca

  • Surgeon Info:
    Surgeon: Patrick Coates
    Insurer Info:
    Medical SSI, State Of California