Deb P.
Paola, KS, USA
Post Op - BMI: 28.3
Surgery Type: RNY
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Surgeon: Timothy M. Sifers, M.D.

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I met with Dr. Sifers today, he was wonderful. Insurance approval should not be a problem and I will most likely be having surgery in 4-5 weeks. We decided on the open Roux-en-Y procedure. I would love to hear from anyone in my area who has had experience with Dr. Sifers or this particular procedure. My husband is extremely supportive, as are my friends..but I really need a buddy who has been...where I am =) thanks!

March 21, 2001...Well it's been two weeks since I saw Dr. Sifers, and I still don't have a surgery date, darn it! It's the insurance company, they are slow and keep telling me my info. is not in their computer yet. I know I'm being a bit impatient, but i just keep thinking that if it was any other surgery I would have a date by now. I'm still very very excited and can't wait to start my journey. On Sunday my husband and I are going to a weight loss surgery support/informational meeting in the Kansas City area, I'm so glad he's going with me, he's just the greatest!! It has been wonderful to go to the chat room on this site and talk with so many supportive people who have been there, are going there and those who are still's my lifeline, thanks to you all =))

March 30, 2001...I have a DATE!!!! April 10, 2001!!! I am so excited and so at peace with all the things I have been worrying about. I have been on the phone to Aetna everyday, trying to find out why I was still "pending". This morning, they called and wanted a fax of any medically supervised programs I had attempted...NO PROBLEM...tried em I faxed the information at 10:30 A.M. and refaxed at 11:30...I got approval at 1:00..Yahoooo!! persistance does pay off!!! There are so many things I want to work on getting ready, I still have our taxes to do, OH mYYYY where to start!!! be when i settle down (((hugs)))) and smiles =)))

March 31, 2001...I would love to have an Angel to help me through all this, any volunters???? =)))

April 2, 2001...My date got changed today, from 4/10 to 4/13, I know it's just a few days...but am kinda disappointed..I'll snap out of it soon.

April 9, 2001 Five more days!!! I am so ready for this, just nervous too. I do great except at night, when it's quiet and I have too much time to think about it. I have now told my parents, who insist on coming for the surgery. My Mom was Ok, my Dad said, "I think all you need to do is eat less" geeeesh he just doesnt' get it. I know they're just worrried, and I will be glad to have them here with me. My husband is the best!!!!! He is so supportive, I know he's scared but, he's behind me all the way =)))) I Love You Sweetie!! I have to get thru two more days of seems that my weight is exascerbating everything...I hurt more, I wear out easier, maybe it's my body's way to tell me it's definitely time. Prayers with you all (((((hugs)))))) and smiles =))))

April 10, 2001 YIIIIIKES!!!!! My surgery date just got moved up to April 12!!!! Ok I am Ready so let's get the show on the road!!! I'm almost looking forward to surgery so I can get some sleep, taking prednisone because of my asthma and not sleeping now at all!!! I have to go tomorrow for preop testing, EKG, chest xray, and blood work, the hospital staff have been so great on the phone. Dr. Sifers staff are A++++ they are so very kind and supportive and if I ever have a question they call me right back with the answer. I am truly blessed with a terrific team. Thanks all of you, don't know what I would possibly do without ya! (((((hugs))))) and smiles =)))))

April 12, 2001 Wow, it's here, leaving in one hour to go to the hospital. I feel at peace, this is what I want more than anything else. A chance to live, to move, to enjoy life to it's fullest. Everything seems to be in order, golytely last night was interesting. Not as bad as i thought it was going to be, but didn't taste real great either..LOL. Prayers and best wishes graciously accepted, thank you, love ya ((((hugs))) and smiles =))) Hey....See Ya On the Other Side!!!! YAHOOOOOOOOOO.

April 22, 2001 Wowzie 10 days post op and feeling pretty good, impatient but good =). Surgery went well except the prednisone i had been taking for asthma made things a tiny bit complicated. My husband said, after surgery, Dr. Sifers said," I am never doing that again". We're not sure exactly what that means except I bled alot and am a little slower to heal. I'm still doing clear liquids for the most part, trying sugar free carnation instant breakfast and carb solutions a bit here and there. I will go back to the surgeon on Wed, April 25th to have staples removed and first weight in..I"m ready =). The only problems I'm encountering right now is that I can't sleep, constantly have restless legs, it's hard relax. My mom is here taking care of me, don't know what I would do without her, scared to think about her leaving but, I know she can't stay forever, my Dad needs her. My husband has been great, and his job has been very understanding of his time off work with me. all is well here =))

April 27th Had my first post op visit with Dr. Sifers on 4/25. He removed the staples, didn't hurt and I weighed in at 23 pounds less than preop..yahooooo, that was exciting. I am still doing mostly clear liquids and protein shakes like isopure and carb solutions. He started me on chewable pepcid AC and told me to take more flinstone vitamins in order to match adult dosage of a vitamin. He, Dr. Sifers< also wants me to try more foods, that scares me. Yesterday I made egg drop soup, that went well but,I was nervous. I know I should get over this fear of getting sick but I will do anything to avoid vomiting. The isopure protein drink makes me feel yucky, lots of gas and a little nausea, not sure why, there is no sugar in it at all. I am still having some diarrhea which Dr. Sifers attributes to the milk I drank with SF carnation instant breakfast, I'm just not so sure about that but I'll lay off milk products. I had been planning to try SF puddings and yogurt, guess that idea is postponed. All in all I am doing well, wish days would move along faster so I can have more energy but, everyday gets better and better, I am on my way !!!! =)

May 8, 2001. It's been awhile since I've updated this, and I still need to figure out how to add my picture. My preop weight was 298, I'm now at 264, yahooooo -34. I am able to eat 2-3 tablespoons of food that is pureed or very soft. Watermelon is great, as is oatmeal, refried beans, mashed potatoes, pureed clam chowder, and still love my dole popsicles no sugar added. I am still having bouts with my system working, it's either constipation or diarrhea, seem no in between. I keep thinking my body is just relearning everything and it will take time. I started going to the track to walk this week, I don't have to hold my stomach anymore and can easily do a 1/2 mile. I think I would be much farther along with walking if I hadn't picked up this nasty cold. People tell me they can see the weight loss in my face, I feel it in my hands....well i can get my wedding rings on and off, that's about will just take time before i notice. Wishing you all well who read this, always feel free to contact me and ask questions. Love ya, (((hugs))) and smiles =))))

June 20,2001 Goodness me where has the time gone, long time since I posted here. I saw my surgeon today, and have lost 53 pounds..yippppeee from 298 down to 245, hard to believe =). I have a few minor problems, hair loss is significant, I'm cold all the time, ankles keep swelling and I'm tired alot...soooo had lots of blood work to check protein levels and my thyroid---which has been checked a million times...but we will see. I am so excited about my weight loss, it has been slow, but it's coming off =) yahooooooozie!! Thanks to all of you for all your love and support.

July 25, 2001 Recent appt with Dr. Sifers am down two more pounds to 243, was a little disappointed at the small loss but last month's was significant. Slow but still going down =). Eating is going fine, I stay away from a few things but mostly all goes down well. I have not even attempted sugar of any kind and will not attempt it! I am doing water aerobics and loving it, had to make a change from walking due to torn ligaments in my foot. I feel so good, the water relaxes me and it's a good work out. Hair loss continues due to low protein levels, need to work on getting my protein up. This is just such an incredible journey =).

August 13, 2001 Wow, this is it, Summer Break is coming to an end for me. I have been "off" work since surgery and am going back full time today. I have to fly to Port Arthur, Texas and then Baton Rouge, LA and then school starts, so I am definitely back full time! I know that if I hadn't had this surgery, I would be dreading this time, I have a very physical teaching job and it was getting nearly impossible to perform my duties. I love teaching the special needs kids I work with and am looking forward to this return to school. I have lost over 60 pounds..close to 70 but I don't weigh in with Dr. Sifers until the 22 of August. Going from 298 to 230 is so amazing, my energy level, my outlook on life, so many things have changed but, most of all, I do so cherish the friends I have made here. I am going to miss the "morning coffee club" so very much. Those of you in chat have been there for me everyday, patiently answering questions, listening to me moan and groan about plateaus and sharing my joys and struggles. I love you guys a bunch, thanks, and get up early so I can say hey atcha once in awhile =). Well, I got a plane to catch, take care everyone, bless you all (((hugs))) and smiles =))).

August 23, 2000. I had my monthly appointment with Dr. Sifers, am now a little over 4 months out and am down 64 pounds..yahooooooo!!! My goal is to be under 200 by Christmas, only 34 more pounds to go! My surgeon was very reassuring and said he was proud of how I'm doing. I just feel so great, life is very very good. I can move and not hurt and I am a much better teacher because of it. I remember in March teaching had become a chore because every move hurt and because I was always so sleepy, actually falling asleep at my desk! I am sure I had some sleep apnea going on, but was never tested. Now I have so much energy, I don't dread daily tasks and I interact with the kids more. I have great fun going to my closet and finding things I haven't worn in years, before surgery 26/28s were getting very tight, now I'm in loose 22/24s and 18/20s. I still have a little trouble with vomiting, actually more so lately than at first, but I'm sure it will pass. I mostly eat cottage cheese, chili and grilled fish, and that is fine because eating is what I do for my body now to live, not what I do for entertainment or comfort. Life is so good =)

September 28, 2001 You know I come to this site everyday, but never seem to get around to posting on my profile. I have no idea what I weigh, I will see Dr. Sifers on October 10th and weigh in then. Sometimes it is very hard to stay off the scales, but I try to use my clothes and how I feel as a measure of my success. I don't think I have lost a great deal of weight since my last visit, but am hoping to hit that -80 mark =). Trying on clothes (here at home, I have clothes from all sizes) has been fun! I feel so much better in my clothes, getting dressed is alot more pleasant. Eating has been fine, I still tend to stick to fish, cottage cheese and ground meats, the feeling of getting chicken and steak stuck is still a powerful memory! I have to stay away from crackers and chips, way to easy for me to eat, and I feel old habits creeping in when I eat those things. My energy level is good, not where I want it to be, but good. That is one of the things I will discuss at my Oct 10th appt. I have lots of energy for work, but when work is over, I'm done. I have a very active job, and it is much easier to do than before I lost weight. Life is good =)!!

October 24,2001 6 Month post op check up with my surgeon, 81 pounds gone forever!!! Wow I weight 217, down from 298, this is soooooo great! I feel pretty good, a little run down lately because of a sinus infection but otherwise just fine. I hired a personal trainer just this week, to jump start my exercise program, I will work out with her for 5 weeks. I usually eat 3 small meals and 2 snacks per day, mostly protein and occasional crackers, rice or baked potato. I still can't eat bread, pasta, eggs or fruit, but that's ok, don't miss it. I mostly eat cottage cheese, cheese, fish, hamburger, pork tenderloin and some chicken. Food is no longer that important, it's a way to nourish my body, food is not my friend, my comfort, my entertainment or my excuse, I have been set free.

January 12, 2002 9 months since surgery, wow that is hard to believe. I haven't updated like I should because this has been a struggle for me. Not the surgery, or eating, but losing so much slower than others has been a challenge I had to learn to deal with. When I started this process I had secret hopes of someday weighing 127 pounds, like the charts say I should. I know now that is not realistic for me. I've always been overweight, I'm pearshaped, I have yo yo dieted all my life and I'm 40 years old!! lol Those things contribute to my slow loss and new goal weight. I have lost 101 pounds, that is so amazing to me, and I am very proud of every pound! I will weigh 150 pounds some day and that is just right for me. In the process I have ran the whole gamut of emotions, elation, fear, guilt, depression, embarassment and isolation. I will not play all those head games again. There were times I would avoid putting my date and weight loss with my name in chat because I was afraid of what others would think. NO MORE!!! I have done GREAT, I am so pleased with this surgery and would do it again in a heartbeat. I want to help others who have slow weight loss, who get discouraged seeing others lose phenomenal amounts of weight in half the time it takes us. We are no less successful, and need to remember that! Okay, enough of my's some good I now weigh 197 pounds..under 200 was a big goal for me. I only weigh in monthly at the gym. I wear size 18 jeans, down from tight 26/28 (actually 30s are more like it). I can move, I can walk really fast, I go up and down stairs without giving them a thought now. I am so much better at my job!!! These are the things I measure as my success! Last but not least a note about Dr. Sifers. I do not see him anymore, I am very proactive in my care. Because I was the last RNY he performed I feel of little importance to him as a patient. I had to cancel my last appt. due to being ill (laryngitis) and asked the office to return my call (twice) to reschedule and I heard nothing. I did however receive a bill for services..of course =). Dr. Sifers is an opponent of RNY surgery and makes our Dr./Patient relationship uneasy at best. Wow, this is a long post..I'm sorry, but wanted to update, thanks to all for asking me to do so. I love you all so much, you are the best!!! I'm proud of everyone we all are big successes!!! ((((hugs)))) and smiles =)))))

January 19, 2002...Big day here for me. I just walked 4.2 miles with very little difficulty!!! It is hard for me to believe that one year ago I couldn't walk around the block. My knees hurt, I couldn't breathe and moving was such an effort. I thank God everyday for this surgery, it has truly given me back my life. Blessings to you all. (((hugs))) and smiles =)))

February 6, 2002...Just now getting home from the hospital, I have meningitis and migraine, this has been kinda scary but hopefully I am now on the mend. Not much more to post except that I now weigh 190!!! which means I'm down 108 pounds..yahoooo. gotta go rest...blessings to you all ((((hugs)))) and smiles =)))))

April 12, 2002 One year today!!!! Wow, as I sit here reflecting back on the past year I remember how frightened and excited I was about this surgery. This has been the journey of a lifetime, a lifetime of pain, failure and frustration. All that is gone now, I feel renewed, alive, and very hopeful for the future. I have lost 120 pounds, I have gone from 298 (highest weight was 322) to 178 pounds, I was wearing size 30 comfortably, and now wear a 16. Those numbers are amazing to me, and I tremble a bit when I type them out because I can't believe it. I have lost and regained that amouont of weight many times, always fearing it would come back, but, not this time, I know it's gone, I feel it. This weight loss surgery gives me a tool, that I have to work with but it makes the struggle so much easier, and every day when I overcome a battle I just grin cause I have been set free! Thank you so much to my friends and family for supporting me, there is no way I could have done this without you all, I love you all so very very much. To my wonderful have had to bear the brunt of my always there to hug me, reassure me, you are my rock, with you I can do anything, I love you more than life itself! To all my preop friends reading this, there is hope, you CAN do this and life will be there for you, grab it! love you all ((((hugs)))) and smiles =))))

May 9, 2002 I had rotator cuff surgery on 4/17/02, this has been really rough, I had no idea that recovery would be such a long and painful process. I am trying really hard to stay upbeat and keep working my therapy program, walking and getting ready for the end of the school year. I keep concentrating on all the GOOD things in life, my wonderful hubby =), my close family and having lost 127 pounds forever!!! Everyone from this site has been so supportive, I couldn't do it without you all. I am living again, really living. I can't imagine what this shoulder surgery would have been like at 298 pounds, thank God! I hope to be posting to everyone's surgery page again soon, I miss doing that, but typing is still hard. I am thinking about you all, and I read the boards several times a day. Best wishes, I have been blessed!! (((hugs))) and smiles =))))

July 5, 2002. I was really hoping to have something new and fun to update a BIG weight loss. However, the past couple of months things have been very very slow, only down 3 pounds...-130 now. I feel incredible, full of energy and liking myself more everyday. I would really like to lose 18 more pounds, thought I'd say anything less that 100, or I know with diligence, watching my carb intake, and upping my exercise the weight will come off. The encouraging thing is that I am NOT gaining, I am maintaing without having to starve or exercise myself to death, this is livable!! I think that is the best part =)!!! I mostly wear size 14 now, some 16s still, dang hips! lol. I still dream about a size 12 or even a 10 but am so happy in my clothes these days. Above all I am thankful for this surgery, it has changed/saved my life.

center> Hiya all!!! Just getting home from the most wonderful vacation with DH in Chicago....all of you Chicagoans...what an incredible town you have..we had the BEST time and we're already planning a return trip!!! I'm so excited to say, the lap belt fit and I had to pull it tight =)..but the best part...yep tray table, all the way down, room to spare yahoooooooo!!!! We walked all over Chicago, I out walked hubby =). I couldn't have done this trip a year ago..climbing stairs to the nosebleed section of Wrigley and Comiskey Parks, walking the Navy Pier, and taking the stairs to our 4th floor room at the hotel cause the elevator was too slow!!! I have been so blessed =). If you all have never visited Chicago...I highly recommend it, it's so incredible there, so much to do and see and the people are the BEST!! Blessings to you all (((hugs))) and smiles =)))

July 20, 2003....It has been 27 months since my weight loss surgery, I come here everyday to chat, catch up on the message board and check the Q&A boards. Life has been so very good to me...No...I'm not skinny, not at goal, and I still struggle with weight loss issues BUT I am maintaining..and that is a miracle for me! I started this journey at 300 pounds, that's the picture at the bottom, I now weigh between 155-160 pounds and wear a size 12 in most things. I am still a work in progress, I want to work harder at watching my carb intake and increasing my exercise...I'm currently 5 days straight of walking 3-5 miles a day!!!! I will reach my goal, whatever that might be but right now, maintaining is so amazing to me. This tool, this gift I have been given allows me the opportunity to slow down...realize what I'm doing...such a far cry from the mindless/senseless eating days of the past. Dave and I just got back from a trip to NYC...I outwalked him!!! woohoooo. Blessings to you all (((hugs))) and smiles =)))

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