Rene (Lurenia) S.
Middletown, MD, USA
Surgery date scheduled - BMI: 42.4
Surgery Type: RNY
Member ID: S1012002603
Surgeon: Paul P. Lin

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I am in the process of getting the pre-testing done. I am at a BMI of 42. I have 117 pound to loose according to the chart. I have some of my paperwork together and most of it will be finished in a week. I have already had my physical, ekg, breathing test. Monday I will have an upper GI, blood work and a chest x-ray.

All paper work is in and I have a preliminaty surgery date set for April 9th. I have to still have my psychiatric exam done but it is scheduled for March 5th. I had tons of trouble finding someone to do this exam that was covered under my insurance, considering insurance is the one who wants the exam it should have been easier. anyway I went with the Doctor my office had suggested and have to pay out of pocket but oh well.

I had my pshyciatric evaluation yesterday with Dr. Lieberman. He is a great guy and the appointment went well. Expensive but worth it since he said that he would recomend to Dr. Lin that I am a great candidate for the surgery. Now all the paperwork is complete and can go to insurance.

Whew, I am a happy girl!!! I finally got insurance arroval today. I am excited. I have an appointment with Dr. Lin on Wednesday 3/27 for my final instructions and I am on my way.

Surgeon Info:
Surgeon: Paul P. Lin
I have met with my surgeon (Dr. Paul Lin @ GW University). After watching a video I met with him and a resident. All of my questions were answered and he made sure I understood the risk and what my expectation of weight loss should be. I was told not to expect to be a size five and my impression was he wants the patient to be pleasantly suprised and not disappointed if I didnt turn out to be someone I never was intended to be. I respect him but I pray I will be in the majority and atleast get to my personal goal of a size 12/13. Dr. Lin gave a great first impression and so did his staff.
Insurer Info:
cigna, mid-atlantic