Tracy S.
Houston, TX, USA
Post Op - BMI: 24.5
Surgery Type: RNY
Member ID: Sabrsula979326322
Surgeon: Voravit Wongsa

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I have decided on Dr Wongsa. I have a consult appointment on the 29th of January. I feel very confident that I will be approved very quickly with Aetna HMO. I am 32 years old. I weigh 305 and am 5'5''. My bmi is 50. I am so ready to have this surgery. I am not concerned about the dangers, I know that this will be the best thing to ever happen to me.

1-29-01 - saw Dr Wongsa. Sent letter to Aetna. Now waiting for approval and then surgery date.

3-1-01 - Dr's office called today to advise surgery approved! Surgery date is scheduled for April 10.
Date change - it is APril 9th

4-8-01 - well less than 24 hours now. I have been so busy I have not had time to think about surgery until this weekend. I feel a little nervous. I know this is the right decision. I am just getting the jitters about the whole surgery thing. I have been going full steam ahead to get the house organized so when I come home it will be better. I will report again when I am on the other side.

4-11-01 - I made it. I can not say it has been all an enjoyable experience. I am in too much pain to even worry about what to eat. I know it will get better. I just can't wait.

4-13-01 - I am still not jumping for joy yet. I have alot of pain in my muscle right over my rib cage. I am too scared to overeat so I have kept it to protein at about 1/2 ounce per serving. I have not eaten anything I am not suppose to. If I really need a snack, I have about 5 dry roasted peanuts and it does the trick. I drink all day long. I have not weighed yet. I go to the Doctor on MOnday and will post again then.

4-16-01 - I am back to work today. It is not too bad. I have not had any food problems. I am still a little sore on one side. It is more muscle than incision. I go back to the Dr. today. I can feel a little weight loss already. My face is really starting to slim down. I have stuck to almost all protein. Chicken has been the most common meal. I will post after my check up.

4-18-01 - I had my check up On the 16th. He said everything is fine. I have lost a total of 17 LBS as of Monday!!! I can't wait for the time to fly. I am not in as much pain as I was a few days ago. Food is still not a problem. I just eat only protein and veggies and drink all day long.

4-23-01 -2 weeks post op-down 27 pounds. I still have not had a food problem. I have followed Doctor's orders! I do not miss sugar or carbohydrates. I still feel energetic. I went to the grocery store yesterday. I never really realized how many carbs and sugars are in everything!!!!!! I even started buying my kids fructose sweetened items.

5-2-01- a little over 3 weeks post op now. I am about 35 pounds gone now. I have not had any problems to talk about. One day I ate a little greasier meat and it did not sit well in the pouch. I am able to drink pretty normally. I am slowly starting to see a difference.

5-15-01 - I am a little over 5 months post op and have lost 44 pounds. I have my 6 week check up on Monday the 21st. I honestly have not had any problems. I feel very blessed.

5-21-01 I am a little dissapointed. According to the dr's scale, I have only lost 36 pounds. I know this is good,but I really was hoping for closer to 50.

time has flown. I am not weighing myself anymore, but I think I am close to 210. I feel great!

Well, I had an official weighing at the Dr's office. I am 205. That is 100 pounds in 5 months. Still feel great. Hair is coming out!

It has been a while since I have updated - I still am doing great. Total loss to date is about 130 pounds. I have been approved for a tummy tuck on January 10. I am excited but a little nervous.

Ok, it has been too long since my update. My tt was actually postponed until January 15. I switched from my rny doc to a plastic surgeon. I am so glad I did. I love the plastic surgeon I found. His name is Mennen Gallas in Katy, Tx. He ended up doing the panniculectomy, tummy tuck and a slight butt lift. Everything went wonderfully. I did get an infection at 3 weeks post op and had to go back into the hospital a few days to have antibiotics, but it is totally worth it. Pre tt I was down to a 14/16 and thought I was skinny. I just bought a pair of size 8 jeans this weekend. WOW. I feel like it is a dream. After viewing some of the tt photos, I thought I would never do it, but I am soooo glad I did. The pain was not near what I had thought it would be. Anyone is welcome to email me with any questions at

April 10, 2002
I am still doing well. I am holding steady at an 8, some 6's fit and that is a good feeling. I am very happy at this weight and size. I weighed yesterday and I am 149. That is 156 pounds in 12 months. Yesterday was my one year anniversary. I can not believe what a difference a year has made. The only thing I would like to do now is really tone up. I am going to finally join a gym and make sure this is a life long weight. I still worry a little about gaining weight, especially since my food intake is more than it was. I still pretty much try to restrict my intake of carbs and sugars. I will have a bite of just about anything, but stick to protein and veggies for the meals. I will update later.

Septemeber 19,2002
Seems like there is never enough time in the day to update this page! I am still standing at my current weight. I have had no problems and feel great. I tend to flucuate a pound or two, but that is it.


Surgeon Info:
Surgeon: Voravit Wongsa
I have talked to almost every surgeon's office in Houston. I finally chose Dr Wongsa based on the fact that he does lap rny and he does not have as long of a wait as some others. I have also read very good things about him here on this site. I have my first appointment on the 29th. I have already filled out my forms and faxed them to his office. I hope the approval time is not long from Aetna. 1/29/01 - Had a consultation with Dr. Wongsa today. He was very friendly and answered any of my questions. I had already researched this and was pretty well informed. He basically recapped what I knew and did an examanation. He says I am a good candidate for Lap RNY. He is sending in my paperwork to Aetna. Now we wait. 4-13-01 - I did not see Dr Wongsa before my surgery date. He arrived at the Hospital all sincere and caring. He wanted to know if I needed anything before surgery. I saw him 2 - 3 times a day after surgery. I think he is a caring surgeoon and he knows what he is doing. I would suggest him to anyone.
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