Logan T.
Richmond, VA, USA
Post Op - BMI: 35.2
Surgery Type: RNY
Member ID: T1076054574
Surgeon: John Crews M.D.

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5' 4" 240 lbs.
pre-op bmi is 41.2
my sugery is scheduled 2day and i'm a little nervous.

5' 4" 221 lbs.
i am 8 days post-op and have been very sick. my second day home i stopped tollerating liquids. i had severe nausea and vomiting and was only able to take in about 4oz of water, all of this while i was taking phenegan. i have become dehydrated, but my dr prescribed zofran a nausea med usually given to kemo patients. after 2days i have finally stopped vomitting but the nausea is still there, its just mild now. i lost 17.5 lbs in my fist week because ive been sick. i see my dr. in 3dy hopefully everything will go well and i wont need an IV.

5'4" 223 lbs.
I went into the hospital on 4/26/04 for severe dehydration. I was in there for 4 days on an IV. I have a stricture from the band the dr placed being to tight. I had it stretched twice while I was in the hospital. Now I can take in thick liquids. I go back in 3 wks to have it done again. The dr said more scar tissue has 2 form so he doesn't bust the staples. Needless to say I'll be on a liquid diet for a long time. Dr said 2 or 3 more stretches should fix the stricture. At least I'm not sick anymore I just have 2 be very careful when I drink. I also can't take any pills so right now the pain is kicking my butt. The dr suggested grinding pills in applesause, but I still can't get that down yet. I'm glad 2 say I did gain some weight back once I got some fluids. Right now I'm about 2wks out and have lost 17 lbs which is a lot more normal. I still don't have a lot of energy, but everyday is getting better.

5'4" 212lbs
i'm exactly 1 month out. down 28 lbs. i have another endoscopy on 5/18 hopefully i'll have more variety in my diet after that.

5'4" 205lbs

Hospital Reviews
  • (Richmond, VA) - Henrico Doctors Hospital

  • Surgeon Info:
    Surgeon: John Crews M.D.
    Dr. Crews ans Dr. Simon perform the procedure 2gether. right now they only do open but may do lap in the futere. They both seemed very down 2 earth. i have had a consultation with each Dr. prior 2 my WLS. The dr's addressed my concerns completely. They both also emphasized that I can speak directly to them if I have questions or problems day or night. I like that I am not left to the mercy of nurses if i have any problems. I am post op now and my surgeons have been wonderful, i've had complications since i've been home and they have called daily to check on my progress and call in new meds as needed. i have never had dr that take such a personal interest in their patients welfare. if i call with a concern at 2am i get a call back. i would recommend them 2 anyone looking at wls.
    Insurer Info:
    AETNA, managed choice
    I didn't have to deal with aetna my surgeon's office submitted all paperwork. Approved in 5 days.