Amy G.
Lampasas, TX, USA
Post Op - BMI: 43.6
Surgery Type: VBG
Member ID: g1074809960
Surgeon: David S. Hall, M.D.

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I'm 15 yr old girl in high school. use to play sports, and be active and like school, but that is all changed over the past several years. Now i hate school, have low self esteem, and don't enjoy the outdoors anymore since the wt. gain. i know its only goin to get worse unless i can have this done, WLS, thanks for reading this.also i have PCOS with many of its co morbids, taking glucophage and bcp, but without the surgery i will not be able to accomplish wt. loss i need to improve my health and the possiblity of having a family someday. amy

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  • (Lubbock, TX) - Highland Medical Center

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  • Computers & Internet - need a dr. that controls your pain

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  • Woodworking - live north of austin, hard to find a dr. that will do a teenager

  • Bodybuilding & Weightlifting - they would rather i be 18 or 21, and weigh 400lbs

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  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

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    Surgeon Info:
    Surgeon: David S. Hall, M.D.
    Like him alot, very attractive, soft spoken, makes sure you are well imformed. office staff was the best. carol really goes out of her way for the patients and families. everyone was very imformative, have an excellent before and after care emails you almost daily. encourages you to call and stay intouch and gives 5 yrs of followup care for free! dr. office was easy to find, and appointment was on time, if not early. he talked to me and my mom for 3 hours one on one making sure we understood everything and answered all our questions.
    Insurer Info:
    humana, choice care network
    no problem, the dr. office did most of the work, i think the dr. office makes a big difference if they r use to dealing with them all the time