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Renee C.
La Quinta, CA, USA

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  Surgery Date: 04/09/2002
Surgery Type: Laparoscopic RNY
While-in-surgery Contact Info: UCLA Santa Monica Hospital
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04/08/2002 06:38 PM
I have faith and believe that we are in God's care, I believe the Lord iswith us everywhere, his angels have been sent to protect us from any harm and keep our spirits calm. May God bless you on your journey to a healthier,happier and thinner you. Wishing you a speedy, uncomplicated recovery.Please let me know when your able how you're doing.     — Michelle G.

Jeannette B.04/07/2002 04:59 PM
Renee...Wishing you the best on your upcoming surgery and hope you have a speedy recovery...Best Wishes!     — Jeannette B.

Jan N.04/07/2002 12:43 PM
Hi Renee, Just wanted to wish you the very best for your upcoming surgery and recovery. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers. Jan in Oklahoma     — Jan N.

04/07/2002 08:34 AM
In a few days you will be on the other side. Wishing you an uneventful surgery and a fast recovery. God Bless.     — Yvette W.

Jacqueline A.04/06/2002 06:06 PM
Renee, best wishes, congratulations, and hugs to you on your upcoming surgery date......Jackie     — Jacqueline A.

04/06/2002 05:57 PM
Renee~~ Wishing Good Luck and God's care to you on your Surgery Day and throughout your journey toward health and well-being. I am interested to hear of your progress and experiences...hope you'll update your profile when you are on the other side.     — [Anonymous]

Michelle W.04/06/2002 10:01 AM
Only a few more days to go and you'll be "on the other side"!! Best of luck to you with the surgery and your recovery!     — Michelle W.

04/06/2002 08:20 AM
Renee, Congratulations! Only a few more days and you will be on the losing side! I hope your surgery is textbook perfect. God bless you!     — Mary C.

04/03/2002 09:39 PM
Renee: Good luck with your upcoming surgery and best wishes for a speedy recovery. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Take care of yourself and keep smiling :)     — [Anonymous]

Click B.04/02/2002 07:55 PM
Renee, Good luck on your upcoming surgery! Speedy recovery wishes! Hugs to you.     — Click B.

04/02/2002 03:02 PM
Reenee, keep smilin' cause the best day of our lives is coming April 9th. See you on the other side.     — Mary V.

04/02/2002 11:26 AM
::::here's a toast for the April 9th'ers:::: May we all gain strength from each other. May we all allow the energy of strength to embrace us and for each & every one of us to pull through with success. I pray we are able to carry faith in those hospital doors with us so that we'll be protected before, during and after surgery. Let's re-group after surgery !!     — Lisa J.

Annette B.04/01/2002 02:27 PM
Renee--Good Luck on your upcoming surgery. My prayers and thoughts will be with you. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Annette     — Annette B.

03/27/2002 01:52 PM
Renee I'm hoping you have an easy surgery and a tremendously successful recovery.     — Debbi K.

03/24/2002 11:30 AM
Renee, congratulations on your upcoming surgery. May you be blessed with an easy surgery and a rapid, painless recovery. Don't forget to drink your water, get enough protein, take your vitamins, exercise and... CONTINUE TO MAKE YOUR DREAMS YOUR REALITY     — [Anonymous]

Lisa Marie S.03/21/2002 12:02 PM
Good luck Renee, I pray God that your surgery goes smoothly and your recovery is swift and as pain free as possible. Lisa Marie     — Lisa Marie S.

03/21/2002 09:11 AM
3/21/02 - I have my final approval from Blue Cross California Care for the surgery. Everything is a go for 4/9 at Santa Monica. I am so very excited! If anyone has any questions or would like to correspond with me, feel free to e-mail me at [email protected]     — Renee C.

rhondan03/21/2002 06:40 AM
Renee , very best wishes on your surgery and a speedy recovery .......hugs to you     — rhondan

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