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    Laura R. on Dec. 4, 2010 for John Monk

    Dr. Monk is WONDERFUL! He sits patiently and listens to all of my questions and concerns and answers them all without making me feel rushed. I love him! His nurse, Sue, is equally as patient and has a great bedside manner as well!

    Heather H. on Jan. 11, 2010 for John Monk

    -I felt that Dr. Monk was experienced, but a little cocky. He cut my family and I off every time we tried to speak. -After a while I seemed to warm up to him. He is a nice man, and he knows what he is More...

    MMsFlick78 on Aug. 15, 2008 for John Monk

    Dr. Monk will be my surgeon. My first impression was that he was very professional. He answered any questions that you have, and was very polite. rnThe office staff, in person were very friendly. It is very hard to get a hold of any of More...

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