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I wanted to be sure to write a review about Dr. Scott, but first a little background... I had a lapband in 2008 by another surgeon, which I didn't have any problems, that process went fine. I lost 70 lbs and then I got pregnant with my daughter. No major problems with my band while pregnant. After having my daughter, I had repeated issues with my stomach prolapsing and slipping. So after many months to a year, we decided my band needed to be permanently unfilled and I would need to decide if I wanted to have it taken out, live with it, or try a new band. Those were the only options my original surgeon gave me, as his policy is one surgery chance, even if it was a mechanical failure, you weren't given other chances. This is something people need to think about when choosing a surgeon...if something happens, what would your options be.

So...I thought long and hard about everything and wanted to pursue a revision to VSG. It is difficult to find a surgeon who will take a patient from another surgeon. Thankfully Dr. Scott wants to help those of us whose original surgeon isn't willing or isn't skilled to do revision work. Dr. Scott is a very professional, to the task kind of Dr. He is short and sweet and doesn't chit chat, but I trusted his expertise and experience and that is the main thing I needed.

Just over a week ago, he removed my Realize band, revised me to the Gastric Sleeve, removed my gallbladder, and repaired a hiatal hernia that he found during surgery. My surgery went very well and I feel very good at this point.

I am very thankful for Dr. Scott, his skills, and his willingness to help those of us who need help to fix our problems that other surgeon's won't touch. Thank you for being a leader in your field in the St. Louis area!

**Also, Dr. Scott is now at the Des Peres Hospital, at DePaul Hospital no longer will accept other surgeon's patients.

Sept. 21, 2012

He was a great Doctor! I was in and out of the hospital in less than 18 hours!

Feb. 2, 2012

Dr. Scott's office at SSM Depaul Weight Loss has been wonderful from the beginning. You know from the start each step that you must take and they are always there to answer any questions. If you leave a msg. It may take until the next day to get a call back, but that isn't bad at all. The wait time in his office is minimal. And the gals there have always had a big smiles. The entire office makes you feel comfortable from the dieticians to Dr. Scott himself. Dr. Scott is very confident and I can say after my very first visit with him, I have no reluctance in giving him my trust. He is very thorough and take the time to answer your questions completely and give you all the information you need to make your decision. Thumbs up to an office that actually cares about the patients :)

* UPDATE Dr. Scott is now with DesPeres Hospital

March 25, 2011, Updated: March 9, 2013

Dr. Scott has a very pleasant disposition. Always has a smile on his face and very professional. He made me feel very comfortable right away, and confident in his ability to do the job.

March 16, 2011

Dr. Scott did a very good job with my RNY surgery last Oct. 12. I was released from the hospital on Oct. 14th and did not need any pain medication after leaving the hospital.

I have had no complications from the surgery.

Jan. 1, 2011, Updated: April 16, 2011

DR. Scott was very personable, and took the time to answer any and all questions I had. I felt he had let me and my husband know exactly what to expect and gave us the confidence we needed going forward.
I however have not met with him since surgery, but his associate Dr. Morales and his nursing staff have done my follow-up care and I am quite happy with all of them.
They have monthly support group meetings that are hosted by the nurse and nutritionist that are recommended for all patients.

Nov. 2, 2010

at first i was a little worried. he does so many surgeries that i was worried about him being over confident and messing up. he was straight forward about risk and complications. i unfortunatly did have complications and was at first upset and afraid. the hospital at mu took good care of me i am very pleased with their surgical icu unit. nurses were very attentive and caring. i had one nurse who even waited past her shift for me to come out of resurgery to make sure i was ok because i had been so upset. de la torre fixed the issue and now at a year out i realize everything that happened were risk i had been informed were possible and they were diligent in caring for my problems and after care. i personally am very thankful for dr. de la torre and his office staff and expecially that nurse in sergical icu. i was so scared and she was there for me. wish i had gotten her name so i could thank her personally.

Oct. 20, 2010

I had Gastric Bypass surgery Sept 2009 in Columbia Mo with Dr. De La Torre I only saw him once, a week before my surgery in a class. He seems to really know his stuff about weight-loss surgery. I did not like the Columbia Office the staff is not very nice. They act like they really don't care and when you have questions your waisting their time. I hate calling them when I have a question. I really wish I could see Dr. De La Torre at my vists. If I could do it all over again I would go to his office in St Louis or another Doctor all together.

Sept. 9, 2010

I had RNY on 08/10/10 I thought Dr. Scott was fantastic. Straight to the point about risks and complications like like! Entire staff at SSM was great as well. I am so happy that I chose SSM because I was with another clinic prior. I have a new life and Dr. Scott gave me that!

Aug. 24, 2010, Updated: May 18, 2011

I had the RNY on June 30th 2010. My first mpression of Dr. Scott was great, he explained the surgery in detail, His staff is awesome+++++ and friendly. I had a hernia that did not show up doing the endoscope, but Dr Scott corrected it doing the surgery (which I felt was great). I would recommend his office to others. His staff continues to check on me, and gives suggestions for my new changed lifestyle. I would like to thank Dr. Scott and his entire staff for all their help and support...

Aug. 10, 2010
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