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    Shannon_K on May 3, 2012 for Luis Gorospe

    What a wonderful doctor. I hope everyone has the same experience seeing Dr. G as I did. You are in great hands!!

    Janis F. on Feb. 24, 2012 for Luis Gorospe

    Dr. Gorospe is a very kind, gentle man who seems to have a real compassion for people who struggle with obesity. His office staff are wonderful and very helpful. He is very informative and knowledgeable. His assitant surgeon is excellent as well. He is also More...

    calicosgrl on Jan. 20, 2012 for Luis Gorospe

    Not enough words can express how amazing this doctor and his staff are!! They took wonderful care of me in every area of my WLS!! Thanks, Dr. G for giving me the tools to get my life and health back!!

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