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GREAT doctor! I'm a friend of his wife, we used to go to the same church and she had mentioned a year or so ago that he was a bariatric surgeon, so when it came time to looking into it I used him. I'm so glad I did! He answered all questions thoroughly and was easy to get in touch with. Overall I have had no complications (knock on wood) from the surgery itself, which to me means he did his job correctly and accurately! Plus he works with Princeton HealthCare system and I love that hospital.. private rooms and 24hrs visiting hours and my g/f got to sleep overnight on the pullout couch. Had such a great experience and would definitely recommend working with NJ Bariatrics in Plainsboro.

July 30, 2014


My firsrt impression of Dr. Chau was very good. He seem to care about peoples heath. His office and the staff was very professional. He explained everything very careful and in plain english where you could understand what his was talking about. He told me all the pros and cons of all the procedures and what he thought as a doctor what was best. So far I rate Dr. Chau a 10.

Dec. 31, 2007


My surgeon Dr. Chau was just wondeful as well as the staff at NJ Bariatrics and Princeton Medical Center!rnI had never had any major surgery before, and I was pretty scared and panicky! Despite the fact that I had only Medicare coverage which paid remarkably little he treated me like a queen! There was very little pain involved! rnDr. Chau very carefully checked every staple put in and treated me (and my family) with the utmost care and consideration reassuring my daughter as I recovered after surgery. Surgery was done (laproscopically)? and took 4 hours. Going into the hospital Tue morning I was home and cleaning and caring for my cats Thursday late afternoon! I resumed babysitting my 1 yr old granddaughter on Monday morning! rnThe aftercare was wonderful and with my aftercare visits and on the phone I had access to a dietician and all my questions were answered quickly. Dr. Chau is a very thorough and caring man as well as an excellant surgeon. rnI don't know how to say Dr. Chau was less satisfactory than 100%. rnHe opened up a whole new world to me. rnThe only negative thing I have to say is that because I had the surgery I throw up more often and forget to chew foods as I should. rn

April 13, 2007


I met Dr Chau at the Group Seminar and he was very Candid about all my Questons. Much like a therapist he would not give me an answer in choosing which surgery, but Just guided me through the process by Answering the questions.rnI have not a single complcation so I did not neet to get intouch with Dr C off hours. The Few times i have seen him he always took more time then I could believe to sit and talk with me. MY experiece with Prior surgeon is you felt that you were wasting their time, not so with Dr Chau.rnI would recommend Dr Chau highly on all marks!

Jan. 10, 2007


Very nice, quiet, polite.He explained the procedure and also the pros and cons of gastric bypass and lapband. The office was very helpful during the process. Very high rating so far.

Dec. 28, 2006


Dr. Chau is fabulous! His entire office staff coould not be more helpful or supportive!

Dec. 6, 2006


He looks so young!!! But, man - he is terrific! Very thorough, explained everything. Very conservative in his approach to the surgery (which I liked) and he is very personable..smiles alot.

The office staff is fabulous! From my first call to the symposium I attend before my consult to the nutritionist and insurance specialist - all were amazing! Very friendly, yet knowledgeable, upfront.

All of the risks and aftercare were addressed - now I am in the process of testing. I'll update as the process goes along...

April 14, 2006


Dr. Chau seemed to me to be an empathetic, sensitive, and decent person. My first impression was correct. He was upfront and candid about the possible problems that I could face.

After my wife was comfortable with him, and the insurance company approved, I had surgery on April 19, 2005.

At that time I weighed 435 pounds.

As of January 16, 2006, I now weigh 237 pounds.

I slowed down over Christmas, but mostly due to innactivity. I am still losing weight at decent clips.

Dr. Chau was there with me all the way after surgery. I was one of the unlucky ones who had complications. Dr. Chau would call me to check in on my well being.

Unfortunately I needed a second surgery, and Dr Chau was brilliant throughout.

Dr. Chau is without a doubt the only positive experience I have ever had with doctors. If you need the surgery, and I did, he is wonderful.

He is also very transparent about everything. He goes out of his way to make certain that he knows that you know what he is explaining to you.

I feel very postive about every aspect of this experience. Both the surgery and the surgeon have been great for me.

Jan. 16, 2006


My first impression of Dr Chau is that he is very kind and gentle. My husband even liked him. His office staff was very enthusiastiac and very personable.
I personally witnessed that he is very concerned about the feelings of his patients.
As far as aftercare, he explained thatI may see him at least 8 times the first year.
His aftercare schedule was already explained before surgery and my next two visits were planned while I was in the hospital.
Dr. Chau was very thorough with his explinations of the surgery as well as the risks. They had an open house before I went for my consultation so I felt very well informed.

Jan. 31, 2005

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