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I was almost through the whole process stop smoking got my diabetes under control went through everything for Roller. Then couldn't get down to the weight asked for help to get down to the weight they said come back and weigh in when i am there that was about a year ago havent heard from them since

Aug. 6, 2014


Dr. Josh Roller, at Roller Weight Loss Clinic, in Fayetteville AR will be performing my surgery. It will be performed at Physician's Specialty Hospital, Baratric Center of Excellence, in Fayetteville AR

July 21, 2013


So far I have nothing but the highest praise to give to Dr. Roller and ALL staff. If you are looking for negatives, move on because you won't find it here.

From the first impression of the facility, I could tell that Dr. Roller and Dr. Kwon have great respect for their patients. For once, I didn't have to fight to get into a chair, nor did I have to struggle to get back out of it! The facility is very well designed, but not overly modern. I instantly felt at home at Dr. Roller's clinic.

I went to the introductory meeting in February and was SHOCKED to see not only were many of the staff there (both clinical and financial), but BOTH Dr. Roller AND Dr. Kwon were in attendance to answer questions! How often does that happen?? The questions were answered on a "normal" level, not dumbed down, and not over the heads of those in attendance. They each took the time to answer EVERY question people had, but also to educate. The presentation was fabulous, very informative and very comfortable. I knew instantly that these doctors truly care about the HEALTH of their patients and not just making money.

Every appointment I have learned something, been given guidance, but never berrated for something I may not have done correctly. I ask a ton of questions and never once did I feel like I was rushed. Aubrey, the dietician, is very professional and approachable. For someone who has suffered, not only from morbid obesity for much of my life, for once...I didn't feel shame. I was able to get direction without worrying about the critique i was going to receive. I also e-mail the facility with questions and receive a prompt, personal response.

Now, I've not yet met Dr. Josh Roller, but Dr. Kristin Roller made me CRY! Tears of JOY and NOTHING BUT!! When she walked into my last appointment and first HONESTLY praised me on my progress, I was already excited. THEN she told me that I was DONE! I was ready to schedule surgery!! I just sat there, shocked and shaking, but wanting to jump up, shout and cheer. Guess who cheered for me?? Dr. Roller!! She literally STOOD UP and went WAAAAAAAAAAAAAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! No lie. Totally serious. Just recalling how she made me feel....bring tears to my eyes.

After care is something that is discussed from your introductory appointment through each following. Ample information is provided, questions answered, all with profound expertise by all staff. I can only imagine if his aftercare program is as structured as his pre-op process, then i'll have yet another stellar experience.

I have nothing bad to say. I'd give 100 stars if possible! I should be less than a month from surgery, but not just from a procedure...but from changing my life and Dr. Roller, Dr. Kwon, Dr. Roller and all staff have had nothing but a positive hand in helping me do that.

I see the light at the end of the tunnel and for once, it isn't the's new possibilities and a new chance at living.

**note: this is just my personal experience. Others may not experience the same things. I highly doubt you'll experience anything less than amazing, caring, professional care from any of the staff/doctors at Dr. Roller's clinic.**

June 5, 2012, Updated: July 28, 2012


Dr. Josh Roller and his staff are awesome. From the first time that I met him and his staff I was very impressed. He is very straight forward from the start and lets you know in depth what to expect and he don't beat around the bush about it. Dr. Roller's surgical competence and his bedside manner are excellent and I don't believe I could have found anyone better. The staff are caring, informed and on top of things. I have not one single complaint and only praise to offer the entire office.

Dec. 20, 2011


It has been three years since my sugery. I am 190 lbs. lighter now weighing in at 124 lbs. My whole life has changed. Dr Roller and his staff are very kind, thorough, and dedicated to their patients. About one year out my gallbladder went bad and I trust him and his team so much that I refused to let another sugeon touch me. The ER at my local hospital threw a fit and it took several hours to arrange the trip that was about an hour away but I got my way. My recovery was quick, followup is wonderful and they also have a monthly support group when I need that too. The nutritionists are great and you have total access any time you need it. I totally recommend both Dr. Rollers and their staff to anyone considering this surgery.

June 21, 2011


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Dr. Roller is wonderful. He is very thorough and went over everything in depth prior to surgery. His upbeat, straight-forward attitude is great. He has a really good bedside manner and checked on me often while in the hospital. He did a wonderful job with my surgery and I give him an excellent rating as a surgeon and an all-around nice guy. P.S. His office staff are awesome too.

June 21, 2008


This man is an awesome surgeon. He is very confident in his work and very attentive to his mission of giving people like me a life again. Thank you again Dr. Roller for the wonderful job you did with my surgery and thank you to his staff for their ongoing support.

May 23, 2011


I have been impressed with Dr. Roller from my intitial visit. His entire organization is professional beyond description.

What is even more impressive is his surgical abilities. He could have the worst bedside manner (he does not) but all that really matters is how capable he is. Very capable would be an understatement. He has over 700 laparoscopic surgeries under his belt with no deaths and less than 1% major complications.

Speaking to the hospital staff about him one thing became clear. They all basically said Dr. Roller has very specific instructions for the staff that are above and beyond the norms. His expectations are high. They quickly followed up with this is why he is the best at what he does.

To give you an idea of how specific his instructions are, when the nurse was shaving my belly she was closely examining my belly button. When I asked her what she was doing she said... "Oh I can not miss a thing Dr. Roller is very specific about these things."

This is what you want in a surgeon, one who is sure of his capabilities and has a staff that understands and meets those levels of standards. We have this in Dr.Roller, and his entire staff at the Roller Institute as well as the staff in the Bariatric ward at the Northwest Regional Hospital in Springdale, AR.

May 21, 2010


First time I met Dr Roller was at the informational seminar. After the seminar, he sought me out to talk to me about my goals and reasons for being there. He was friendly and warm and seemed to genuinely care. His office staff is very helpful and also friendly and warm. He has carefully reviewed my health history and discussed aftercare related to those issues.

Nov. 25, 2009


When I meet Dr. Roller he was very down to earth his office staff are very nice and there is Wendy who has went through alot of what I was wanting to do already. Dr. Roller helped me make my decision of doing a Sleeve. I am glad I chose that procedure.

Oct. 21, 2009


My first impression is that he is very careful and exact. That hasn't changed. He wants to make sure that everything is done correctly. He is also concerned about my treatment in the hospital. rnHis aftercare program is very good. I see a dietician EVERY time I go to his office. I know I can call or email her anytime and hear back from her right away.rnI think he is an excellent surgeon and I really like him as a person. He makes me feel great every time I go in.

May 8, 2009

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