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Surgical Associates of Fredericksburg Bariatric Center

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    johnverduci on Jan. 23, 2006 for Bradford King

    My first impression, i thought he was to young to be a surgeon. He talked about a lot of the work he had done out west so i got very comforatble with him. His staff was very kind and friendly. They worked with you well More...

    Nancy H. on Aug. 23, 2003 for Bradford King

    After going thru the entire preop procedure, I had to switch docs at the last minute, as mine quit doing the surgery, as much as I was dissapointed, It turned out for the better when I found , and an easier procedure. Still major surgery, but More...

    Kim Z. on Feb. 26, 2003 for Bradford King

    My first impression of Dr. King is that he knows his stuff. He explained the procedure in great detail and answered any questions that I had. I work in the medical field so I had a conversation with a physician I work with who played More...

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