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Thank you for assiting me in changing my life for the better! What a difference it has made. I had surgery 06/24/2011 and to date have lost 109 lbs. I feel great, have more energy than ever. Dr Perry is very talented in what he does. I had laproscopic Rouxen-y surgery. The recovery was so much easier than I thought it would be, and the care I received was top notch. The support staff is always there when you need them, and so is Dr.Perry. It is true that aftercare is a must, you will get much better results if you follow their program. Thanks yo all again!

Dec. 28, 2011


My surgeon was FANTASTIC! He did an amazing job on my sleeve, and I had very minimal bruising and soreness after. He visited me a few times in the hospital after surgery and was always available when I needed him. I had to call him after hours on my first night home after surgery since I wasn't tolerating my medicine without vomiting, and he immediately called in liquid pain medicine and liquid anti-nausea. I would recommend him to anyone in the area looking for top-notch skill!!

Nothing negative to report!

Jan. 21, 2011


Excellant surgeon. Very knowledgable! Very straight forward in a good and bad way. Aftercare is imperative and he will not do your surgery if you aren't interested in complying with detailed aftercare. I would highly recommend him. Friends are using him too.

Aug. 18, 2010


Dr. Perry is AMAZING!!! He runs a very good program. Lillian, the RN in charge of getting everything togeather, is the best!!! Everyone is very nice. They go above and beyond to help you get everything that you need for surgery. All of my questions were answered numerous times. All the information that you need they have! Their aftercare program is great too! I would give Dr. Perry and the whole staff a 10 for sure!!!

Feb. 3, 2008


Dr Perry is an experienced competent surgeon. His staff are wonderful. Aftercare is mandatory. rnHospital stay had it's glitches but nothing to bitch about.rn I would recommend the Treasurecoast Bariatric program.

Aug. 14, 2006


Dr. Perry is very pleasant and easy to talk to. He has a great reputation at IRMH, and the fact that so many hospital nurses and workers trusted him with their surgeries was a big factor in choosing him.
One of the best features of the program at IRMH is the support staff! They are very accessible and informed, and answered every single question that I had prior to surgery. The support groups are moderated by two physicians (mental health professionals) so that we have plenty of emotional support as well as physical support. I think this is an excellent program! Each person is cared for as an individual, this is not just a surgery mill.

Sept. 7, 2005


Dr. Perry was not my original choice for a bariatric surgeon because I did not realize we had a local surgeon taking these cases. I was rejected by my original surgeon because I am a lawyer. The bariatric program at Indian River Hospital is relatively new.

I originally decided to have Lap-Band surgery and went to Dr. Perry's information seminar to see if he did this operation. After hearing the pros and cons of lap band and roux-en-y surgery from Dr. Perry, I was convinced to proceed with the latter.

After the seminar, I immediately contacted his office staff to begin the pre-op process. They could not have been any more cooperative, helpful, and professional. The pre-op educational process was most informative and they were quite clear about the risks involved and the fact that Dr. Perry does not carry malpractice insurance.

The aftercare program is first rate. All the members of Dr. Perry's staff took a real interest in my progress and continue to do so.

If I had something negative to say about Dr. Perry or his staff, I would not hesitate to share that with other potential patients. I do not want to sound like an ad agency promoting a product, but if an organization does it right, then the customer should say so. They simply were so competent, professional, and caring, that it is impossible for me to make a negative comment. The quality of my life has changed dramatically since January 12, 2005. Dr. Theodore Perry and his staff have literally saved my life. Thanks to all of you.

May 12, 2005



I have been very impressed with him.

Very helpful,they have responded with all questiones I have had in a very timely manner
I don't have anything negative at this point.
He is very honest, even if you don't like what he has to say. But this was a positve for me.
After care is a mandatory, must sign up for minimum of 1 year aftercare program.

they have been explained

so far...excellent, that could change after surgery.

sugical competence...i have had bad surgeries in the past that led to the loss of one kidney from a surgery that wasn't even related to kidneys.

Aug. 30, 2004

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