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Aaron Hoffman Bariatric Surgeon M.D.
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Dr. Hoffman is a wonderful surgeon. He is kindhearted, compassionate and really cares about all of his Patients. He goes out of his way to make his patients feel comfortable. What else can I say??? He's great! :) Oh yeah.. And he has the prettiest blue eyes!

Oct. 15, 2011


So far so good! Dr. Aaron Hoffman removed my Lap-Band in July 2011 and is scheduled to perform my revision RNY on October 13, 2011. Will keep ya'll informed but to this point I'd say he ROCKS!

Update after RNY surgery....
I cannot say enough positive things regarding my surgeon, Dr.Hoffman. He is not only a highly skilled surgeon but his bedside manner is one many should try to gain. He truly cares about his patients and their progress. I had a little bit of a scare related to some possible cardiac complications during my inpatient stay and Dr. Hoffman was not only informative but made a point to personally come by each and every day to see me. Follow-up with him at 1 week and 1 month points has been uplifting. He is a believer in positive reinforcement and pays very close attention to my well-being. FANTASTIC DOC! Thank you Dr. Hoffman....

Sept. 14, 2011, Updated: Nov. 10, 2011


What can I say about Dr. Hoffman that hasn't already been said, he is the best. He is incredibly kind, smart and caring. He goes above and beyond what one would expect of him. I have had the pleasure of having 4 bariatric procedures (only 2 by Dr. H) that lead to my sleeve gastrectomy. Without Dr. H I would still be throwing up everything good and eating cookies and jelly beans. Dr. Hoffman is not going to give up on anyone, he is a dedicated professional that will find a way to make things right. He definitely scores a 10 in all areas.

March 3, 2010


He is a sweetheart. So excited for you that you can't help but being excited. So far he has been good, even though I have not seen him much, mostly seen his staff.

Feb. 26, 2010


My surgeon was great. Down to earth, friendly, and tells you the way itis. He explains everything to you and gives you a chance to ask questions. Would not have chosen a different surgeon. His group does make you jump through a lot of hoops but it is worth it. They make you attend their seminar and go through the procedures they perform. They tell you the complications of both procedures and all the complications their patients have had. I would rate my surgeon a 10. Of course, with surgery, surgical competence is always better but a great bedside manner is a bonus. Dr. Hoffman has that. the only negative i find is you see him through the clinic and they have 2 NP's. one is greatand the other not so great

April 11, 2009


What to say about Dr Hoffman? He is wonderful. When I first met him at my seminar both my Fiancee and I note how passionate he was about the lap band procedure. He just seemed so nice, knowledgable and caring. The office staff is all nice and supportive. The only issue is the long waits when you have appointments but that isnt that bad. Anyone considering Dr Hoffman will be very pleased. He is so encouraging, caring, helpful. He and his staff walked me though everything about the surgery. I went into surgery feel calm and confidant. And that is saying alot! I have a history of anxiety and panic attacks but that was never an issue. Everything about Dr Hoffman and his staff is awesome!

Aug. 28, 2008


I ADORE Dr. Hoffman! I thought he was great. He really believes in the lapband, it is all he does at this point. (The other surgeons in this group, Dr. L. Forbes & Dr. A. Posner do both RNY and Lapband - they seem to favor the RNY) I found that the Kaleida Comprehensive Weight Loss Clinic to have a lot of requirements, but I have a feeling those requirements really stream-line things for those accepted into the program. Their time isn't being wasted by people who either don't qualify for surgery or aren't serious - which means less waiting time for those that are serious. However, when you are waiting, it seems like FOREVER! There was a miscommunication regarding my paperwork being submitted to my insurance. This lead to my surgery being canceled last minute. I wasn't very happy about it, but Lisa, Dr. Hoffman's secretary, worked to get me into the next available OR spot (Dr. Hoffman only does surgery on Mondays, but he fit me in on Thursday of the same week I was originally scheduled.) Also, Dr. Hoffman stopped in my hospital room the night of my surgery at Midnight!! He was on call and had to come in for a emergency surgery (not band related) and checked on me before he left! AT MIDNIGHT!!! That's what I call great bedside mannor! rnrnI must say that I did a lot of my own leg work for my surgery. I had copies of all my Medical Records going back to 1994. I could prove weight history for over 14 years. I did everything in my power to expedite the process. I think that is why I received such a warm response from the clinic staff. If you don't waste their time, they will bend over backwards for you. I submitted the application to be accepted into the program in September 2007 and I had my surgery April 2008. There are many steps in this process, so just be ready, you will not be having weight loss surgery next week.

May 3, 2008

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