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Andrew Larson Bariatric Surgeon M.D., F.A.C.S.

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When I first saw Dr. Larson I thought he was an assistant or a student. He looks quite young.

When I had my intake interview with him he was very informative and answered all of my questions with ease. He gave me his professional view of which surgery he felt was safer, healthier and yielded better results over time.
What's better was that he is very down to Earth and even included a bit of humor.

The staff at JFK Bariatrics are also very down to Earth and explained each and every step.

I can't say as I have anything negative to say about Dr. Larson or his practice team.

March 18, 2009

Dr. Larson and his staff took the time from the beginning to answer all questions that I had regarding the procedure. His staff was wonderful and walked me through the process with no difficulty. I don't think I have one complaint about the process at all. rnrnI have read in other posts that people were concerned about Dr. Larson's age. I think that he is young but I don't doubt that he has the experience and the knowledge to complete the procedures successfully. rnrnHe stopped in to see me before the surgery and let my family know immediately that the surgery went well. He came in the next day to release me and walked me through what to expect over the next two weeks before my office visit. rnrn

May 26, 2007

Dr. Larson turned ot to be a great person , he took very good care of me and answers any questions I have had

May 3, 2007

First impression: So young! rnrnLike him, and his staff. He's very nice. I was surprised how little I had to see him before surgery: one meeting, then I saw him in pre-op.rnrnBig emphasis on aftercare. He has a structured program. rnrnHe went over all the risks. rnrn8 out of 10. rnrnHe's good in both counts.

Oct. 17, 2006

My fist impression was that he appeared very young. As I have gotten to know him a bit better, I understand that he is also very educated and has loads of experience in bariatric surgery procedures, particularly the Lap Band procedure. The staff at the JFK Bariatric Wellness and Surgical Center are very knowledgeable and have been extremely helpful from pre-op thru post-op. Follow-up care is stressed from the very beginning of the program. I had a fairly complete idea of what was going to take place in the OR and what it was going to be like after surgery and I knew that if I had any questions, all I had to do was call the center. I have already had my first \"fill\" of the band and understand that listening to my body is going to be \"key\" to my success with this tool.

Aug. 3, 2006

'Dr. Larsen my first impression was " He is pretty young" but after answering questions and going over what he does in the or. He was very patient and seemed on top of everything.I did some research on him and he has interned in some of the best hospitals in the country.I feel he is ontop of his game.rnWhen I had surgery I was scared He came and saw me in preop and said they were running alittle behind but it would go quickly. He was all smiles and it eased my fears alittle bit. rnIn the recovery room he came in and saw me again. He told me my liver looked healthy and the band went on with no complications. rnBefore I left hospital he came in again and we discussed what to do at home and pain meds. And to schedule my follow up for the 6th of June. He also told me I could swim and moderate excercise. rnHe was not self possesed

May 31, 2006
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