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Barry Greene Bariatric Surgeon M.D., F.A.C.S.

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10 yr in Bariatrics

15 yr in Laparoscopic Surgery

10 yr in Laparoscopic Bariatrics

95% Practice is Bariatrics

Min Age of Patient is 16

Max Age of Patient is n/a

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Dr. Greene is as good of a doctor as you will find. He performed my gastric sleeve surgery. I had not one complication and in three months have already lost 50 lbs. Dr. Greene takes the time necessary to listen and answer his patients' questions. His staff is very helpful. It would be difficult to find a doctor that is more skilled at his practice than Dr. Greene. He really cares about the short-term and long-term best interests of his patients.

May 20, 2016


Marie Priest. . . how many wonderful things can I say about her? Too many in this short review. From the first time I spoke with her on the phone to schedule my appointment, she was kind, knowledgeable, patient and very accommodating. Then, when we met, it was etched in stone that I LOVE this woman. She is empathetic and gets it. Dr. Greene, you are very lucky to have this member on your staff. She is delightful and easy to talk with. Thank you, Marie, for all you do. Sandy Atkins

July 14, 2014


From the moment I walked into his office, I knew this was the place I was supposed to be. His staff are unbelievably caring and supportive and do everything they can to help with my sucess. When I first saw Dr. Greene, his calm gentle smile assured me I was in good hands. He looked at me with confidence that I would suceed and I believe him.

I am one week out of the gastric sleeve and could not have asked for a better experience. I rate Dr. Greene and his staff with high confidence and give them a 5 star for their work.
Thank you Dr. Greene and staff.

April 28, 2011


Tough Tough Tough, Dr. Greene and his office are very strict and very considerate. From soup to nuts everything was explained in detail. And believe me they will reprimand if you stray off track; almost cried but realized it all about safety and making sure your get the best out of your surgery. I would highly recommend. Never had a problem with the office, waited long, or had any hiccups throughout the process.

Only complaint is that they are not in service provider for my insurance or any insurance so the payout from FEP Blue was laughable. Nevertheless, I am happy I choose them in 5 months I have lost 70 pounds and still losing.

Feb. 22, 2011

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Dr. Greene and his staff are excellent. There is a reason they are a Center of Excellence for Bariatric Surgery. You always feel very welcomed in the office, when you email them, and when you call them. Nothing seems to be a bother to them. Dr. Greene came highly recommended, and he is considered one of the best bariatric surgeons there are. He is friendly, has a great bed-side manner, and is up to date on his specialty. He seems very intelligent as well as technically apt. He highly emphasizes the importance of preparation for the surgery as well as the importance of long term followup in order to achieve success. They do have a long term follow up plan as well as organized support groups. I would give him a 10 out of 10 rating so far.

Negative aspects? No preop support group (but they tell me they usually do). He doesn't accept private insurance (they do take Medicare), but they participate in a good financing company called CareCredit.

He is worth it to pay the extra money outside of insurance.

March 21, 2010


Dr. Greene's program was a ritual which I did appreciate. He made sure his program ironed out the details in full in an exhaustive program he ran week after week. At the end of three group sessions, you would EVERYTHING about RNY - both good and bad. The group classes were a similar slide show presentation of RNY for 45 minutes, then sessions split off into pre-OP and post-OP. Dr. Greene used his patients as his best tool of indicating how you would be affected by RNY. The testimonials given by the patient's varied from week to week, and eventually you found someone who almost walked in the same shoes you had. More importantly once you found that person, you could see how RNY affected their life both in positive and negative manners.rnrnI thought Dr. Greene was an excellent surgeon, but his manner was cold. He spoke about the surgery before and after analytically as if it didn't happen to you. Evidently, I had done so well on a glycogen-reduction diet before the surgery, he embellished at the post-surgery session with other how he performed the surgery in 4 incisions rather than 5 because my liver was so small from the diet.rnrnDr. Greene's ethics were excellent. He provided direct criticism of particular surgeries (such as RNY vs. LapBand) and held nothing back if graphic detail was needed to prove his point. I felt Dr. Greene constantly undergoes a continuous self-improving process from the manner that he acts and speaks. I now see he has performed 1,100 RNY surgeries (I keep wonder which one was I), and he would continue to look for improvement within himself.rnrnI thought his staff was nice, but understaffed at the time. I remember 2 key nurses coordinating the entire program. I remember office visits were horribly long, and somewhat disorganized.rnrnI moved away from the DC area about 6 months after the surgery. I received one call from the office to ensure I receive aftercare.

Aug. 14, 2009


I have to say that Dr. Greene is just wonderful. His staff is friendly and helpful and fun to be around. rnrnDr. Greene has a complete program that includes the psychologist, the exercise trainers and nutritionist all affiliated with his office. Therefore everyone has access to your progress and everyone is up to date on your case.rnrnDr. Greene and his staff are meticulous about the before and after care. They brook no arguments or pleading. They are going to do what is in your best interest no matter what.rnrnI would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Greene to anyone who is interested in have WLS.

Sept. 25, 2008

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1. Dr. Greene is a tough surgeon in the sense that he expects great things and dedication from his patients. rn2. rn3. The staff is very helpful and caring. rn

Sept. 10, 2008


I was very impressed with his realistic view and honesty. He didn't give any false hope yet gave me encouragement that I wll lose the weight with tihs procedure (Lap Band) slowly yet steadily. He gave us all the facts in the support meetings, from the risks to the disappointments to the fact that we have to accpept we are morbidly obese and come to term with the idea that if we don't fully heartedly change our life style, no surgery or procedure would be a benefitial tool to help us. Later in my first consultation, he gave me every bit of detail that I needed to know and has been helpful ever since.

May 9, 2008


He is a very outstanding surgeon who knows his profession to the max. He is easy to talk to and he is very outright. If a patient is doing wrong he will let you know, in a respectful and formal way of course. He also performed surgery on my wife in 2003 and besides her regaining 50 of the 200 pounds she lost she is doing fine, thanks to Dr. Greene. His staff is very friendly and wil help you with whatever you need if you are lost. The program in general is worth the hassle and money. I rate Dr. Greene a perfect 10 on everything he and his staff does!

Sept. 6, 2007

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