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Bradley Bilton Bariatric Surgeon M.D., F.A.C.S.
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Dr. Bilton and his staff become more like my beloved family and friends as time goes by. I cannot sing their praises enough. I NEVER sit in the waiting room for longer than 5 to 7 minutes. Almost all of my post op visits have been less than 30 mins from the time I get out of my car until I leave the parking deck to go home...WOW-unheard of, I know!
Dr. Bilton will be performing a Umbilical Hernia Repair on my 5 month surgerversary: March 23rd. This is an easy, outpatient surgery that should go off without a hitch-I hope. Good news-this morning I finally met my goal of losing 50 pounds! I realize 50 pounds in exactly five months post RNY is slow compared to most of my fellow OH RNYers. BUT: This slow weight loss is due to
Cushings Disease which causes trunkal obesity and rapid weight gain due to an over-production of the hormone, Cortisol. Dr. Bilton was not thrilled to learn about my newly diagnosed disease. In fact, he is worried that when this tumor is removed from my pituitary this April 2010, that my weight loss may be too much. He feels we will have to keep a better eye on my nutrition after my brain surgery. So, again, he is concerned and is on my 'health team' for life! I would recommend Dr. Bilton and his staff if you want a doctor that will be a part of your life pre-surgery, then as long as you need him!

WOW! Words cannot express how much I adore Dr. Bilton and his entire staff, especially Beverly Childers. I am in and out of my follow up appointments so quick! They never make you wait in the waiting room (and the waiting room is packed with other happy patients). Beverly respects that my time is as valuable as Dr. Bilton's. She obviously knows how many minutes to schedule him for each patient b/c it runs so smoothly. Also, Dr. Bilton is so concerned about my success. He wants to help me lose as fast as possible and in a very healthy way. My nut is fantastic too- she is always available for any Q's I may have. So, Dr. Bilton's practice is the BEST (in my opinion) for RNY in Alabama!

Dr. Brad Bilton definitely has a huge following for a reason! He is simply amazing. I loved his "bedside manor"... He made me laugh and really listened to my needs after surgery. I have had no "dumping", no vomiting, no nauseau, no real pain... just soreness in the belly area where my 6 small incisions are. I over-medicated myself in the hospital if that is possible, because I constantly asked for the liquid loritab on top of the morophine pump in my IV. I knew from previous surgeries that if you stay "ON TOP" of the pain, it is much easier than if you start to hurt, to get it back under control.
Back to Dr. Bilton:
I go to my 1st Dr. appt. post surgery in a few hours, so, I will update (if necessary) any new thoughts/comments, etc. AS OF NOW: I will never be able to thank him and his TEAM for helping me overcome something so detrimental to my life as an overweight shell that I was entombed in. Now, I can shed that shell and be the active, healthy woman God intended me to be. Thank you Dr. Bilton and may God continue to bless you with steady hands and a big heart...
From the very first time I met him, I was thrilled! He was a little younger than most of my Spine Doctors. He is very humble and has a fabulous sense of humor! His main nurse/assistant's name is Beverly Childress. She is truly amazing. I feel as if she has been in my corner every step of the way. The support group that Dr. Bilton has monthly is fantastic. This entire process has been so well thought out. I feel like I am completely prepared and knowledgeable about what I am going to be doing to my body in 3 days, and I feel totally prepared to lose this weight in the next year or two... The TEAM that Dr. Bilton has working WITH him seems to be a part of my new THINNER FAMILY. I will update this after my surgery and let you know if I still feel this way! Until then, pray for me and Dr. Bilton on Oct 23, 2009. Thank you and God Bless! Lisa

March 22, 2010


Dr Bilton is great, and very professional and straight to the point. Beverly is great, and will get you approved(make take time) but it gets done. I was worried about approval but she done it. If your looking for a great doctor use Bradley Bilton. Aftercare is very, very ,very important if you want to loose the weight.

We has several meetings each they discussed the risks. The risks are just like any other sugery you can die, is their a high risk not really no more than other surgeries. I would recommend any surgery, before having it done. I searched and searched before i decided to do it. I have not had surgery as of 4/22/09, but im having it Wed. the 4/29

April 23, 2009


I liked Dr. Bilton. He seemed nice enough. As a nurse, it is more important to me that he is competent. I think he is that as well. He's been doing this for several years now and has many surgeries under his belt. I also love his office, espically Beverly, his bariatric coordinator. She is awesome!!!

Jan. 16, 2009


Dr. Bilton is very to the point, but very nice as well. The office staff is also very friendly. His nurse Beverly is absolutly the best!

Aug. 20, 2008


I had no clue as to who Dr.BIlton was prior to my consultation...After meeting him I felt a little more at ease... but my opinion that he is a great MD. Dr. Bilton is very upfront and open. He tells you like it is and what is expected before and after surgery. A very busy MD but still able to treat you as an individual. If i were to do it again, I would still choose him.... Beverly is very helpful and always willing to listen..and i talk alot. My experience with him and and his staff has been wonderful....i don't think that antone in the office there is unfriendly or uncaring...all of the staff are great.....

July 19, 2008


Right now I like him and his staff. I'll see if my opinion changes duting or after surgery.rnrnrnDr. Bilton so far has been great. I only saw him once in the hospital. But he was joking and laughing. made me feel more like talking with a friend that some stand offish surgeon. I'll up date when I see him on the 9th in his office.

May 28, 2008


Dr.Bilton is really a down to earth guy. He doesn't seem to have the uppity disposition in many docs. His office staff is so great and they are all very friendly. He definitely cares about his patients, and he makes that apparantly clear to the nurses in the hospital because they were all sure to drive the orders into me constantly. The only negative would be, there seems to be some miscommunication in the office about some things, and not enough communication to the patient about tests that need to be done and when. He emphasizes aftercare constantly. He gets an A in my grade book!

Sept. 8, 2007


He is very nice and easy to talk to. I felt comfortable with immediately. I'd actually picked a different surgeon but my Mother used Dr. Bilton and when I met him I switched. The girls in his office are amazing!

April 1, 2007


I do not think there is a finer surgeon than Dr. Bilton. He takes so many precautions to ensure safety and healing. My impression has not changed over time; he is the best! His office staff has been helpful and concerned. Dr. Bilton emphasizes aftercare, and has a structured aftercare program. He stressed the risks of surgery; he was honest about it. I would rate him with high marks all-around. He has extreme surgical competence and a wonderful rapport with his patients. TY

July 28, 2006


Dr. Bilton is a wonderful man! He is so thorough, and he makes sure that you really know what you are doing before he approves you for surgery. Beverly, his assistant is also very nice, she has helped me so much and made me feel at ease with everything that I have had to go through. I am so glad that I chose Dr. Bilton, he makes me feel comfortable with the entire progress.

July 5, 2005

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